Veranda Tile Design encaustic tiles are made by hand, one at a time.  Shaped with specially crafted molds, the tiles are a blend of Portland cement, mineral pigments and fine aggregates. This mixture is poured into different chambers, depending on the chosen pattern, then topped with regular grey cement. The blend of pigmented cement and regular cement is placed under a hydraulic press that solidifies the cement and creates one tile. There is no glaze or kiln involved in the manufacturing process. Encaustic tiles are cured with water and fresh air thus making them environmentally friendly.

Our metal molds are individually handmade from specific design drawings. The pigment composition is a wholesome mixture of high quality, white Portland cement, marble powder, fine sand and natural mineral color pigments. Our craftsmen use an ancient manufacturing technique which allows our customers to choose unique patterns and color palettes.  Veranda Tile Design provides encaustic tiles that fit and enhance a broad spectrum of architectural designs.

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