And the sweet winding Tweed the distance crowned well. You see a lone warrior on a horse traveling along a winding path. Right is a winding low canyon in a wide bedding to a 10m pitch. above sea-level in a loop made by the winding of the Adige (anc. Granite, diorite and other plutonic rocks hem in the winding upper valleys of the Kisogawa, the Saigawa (Shinano river) and many other rivers of this province, their clear water running over granite. In the square by which the monument is surrounded are also statues of George Peabody by W. The main street is a winding thoroughfare named in different parts Thorndon Quay, Lambton Quay, Wills Street and Manners Street. The museum itself is in the same building as the cable car "control center", and kids are able to view the cable winding and moving first hand. You 're winding me up man, how could Douglas play the Terminator? Nevertheless about 60 electric winding engines were at work or under construction in May 1906. above the Dalles after pursuing a winding course of about 250 m.; and the Deschutes river, which rises on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, and after flowing northward for about 320 m. A winding stairway in the interior leads to a parapet at the top. Driving down the winding road, many people get car-sick. From this another winding passage leads to the harem, which is the principal part of the house. Steadying herself against the walls of the winding. The town consists of a labyrinth of narrow, winding, dirty streets, with poor, square, flat-roofed houses, half a dozen madrasas (Mahommedan colleges), a score of mosques, and some masars (tombs of Mahommedan saints). This is the road winding about in the perambulating style of all mountain roads. The Maeander (Menderes Chai) takes its rise in a celebrated group of springs near Dineir, and after a winding course enters the broad valley, through which it "meanders" to the sea. buttercup flowers winding down the hill follows the route of a well used path. In the cradle of the Rocky Mountains, sprawled out like a giant picnic over the foothills, Calgary has the beautiful Bow River winding through its core. They emerged from the shadow world and stood on a narrow, winding road. Calm down! Most people chose this as the best definition of winding: A curve or bend, as of a... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The Housatonic, in portions placid, in others wild and rapid, winding along the deflecting barrier of the Hoosac Hills, is the most beautiful river of the state, despite the mercantile use of its water-power. , Many roads that go up mountains are winding roads, since they must twist around the mountain to get to the top. The Trinidadian favoured long chapters and winding sentences. There's a special key for winding up this clock. Northward the Tuzla is seen winding through a rich valley. Another word for winding up. On leaving we sauntered down the winding staircase to take a look at the rest of the yacht. In the tail-rope system of haulage, best adapted for single track roads, there are two ropes - a main and a " tail " rope - winding on a pair of drums operated by an engine. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. First you need to load an empty spool under the winding knob. Villena is a labyrinth of winding alleys, which contain some interesting examples of Moorish domestic architecture. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Definition of Winding. It nowhere rises into peaks, and only a few of its rounded summits reach 3000 ft.; the successive hills form a continuous comb; the north-west slopes are precipitous and seamed with winding gorges. Winding definition is - material (such as wire) wound or coiled about an object (such as an armature); also : a single turn of the wound material. To top it all off, the Seamaster 300 M Diver Chronometer is self winding, features a date display window at 3 o'clock and is topped with a durable unidirectional bezel. If the attraction of a central body is not the only force acting on the moving body, the orbit will deviate from the form of a conic section in a degree depending on the amount of the extraneous force; and the curve described may not be a re-entering curve at all, but one winding around so as to form an indefinite succession of spires.


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