In summary, the skill can only benefit them. If a piece of software does not specify whether it is licenced under GPL 3.0 "only" or "or-later", which variant does it "default to"? Remember: Each keyboard has a different physical layout and it can be hard to adjust to the subtle nuances of each keyboard, so don't expect immediate results when switching between machines. Why Does Vertical Mousing have Less Drawbacks than Vertical Keyboarding. I was the only boy in the class intended for girls who would likely become secretaries. action, varying the movement and usage of muscles and tendon As an example how many American state names can you type without taking your fingers off of the home row. I am a retired software engineer who worked in Silicon Valley industry and never learned how to touch type. There seems to be some confusion based on the comments under the question. I do not see a pressing need for a typist similar to myself to learn touch typing. This keyboard is the most recommended along with the Yamaha PSR E363. How do smaller capacitors filter out higher frequencies than larger values? Keyboards. But, students should be encouraged to type effectively, of course. Programming is more thinking than it is typing. Some may not need to look at their hands at all. Under no circumstance would I hire or tolerate a programmer that couldn't code without looking at the keys. This started to change when I started to learn to program, although it wasn't until I started to learn languages I could do things that interested me with that I got really good at typing. However, there some good reasons not to make it a required prerequisite. Even those who aren’t left handed may benefit from a left handed keyboard. How to deal with students that don't like CS? So yes, I would say "touch typing" is a job requirement to be a software engineer. MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2/4/9 UTC (8:30PM…, “Question closed” notifications experiment results and graduation, Dealing with students who complete labs very quickly. Others are too numerous to mention. We as educators need evidence from experimental psychology to help us decide what to emphasize as important skills. I have written production code, test frameworks, test plans, product and design documentation, and many other kind of documents. (Copy is just cut and put back in the same spot, nearly instantaneous, then paste as many copies as you want elsewhere.) Writing skills: clearly communicate problems and solutions to colleagues and customers, Interpersonal communication skills: build productive relationships with colleagues and customers, Time management skills: deliver products to market-driven deadlines for maximum profit, Foreign-language and cultural adaptation skills: move to a different country to further your career; work with collaborators and customers in a global economy with a minimum of friction, Research skills: assess the state of the art; avoid re-inventing the wheel and repeating other people's mistakes; identify new opportunities for innovation. Therefore, I believe motivating your students to learn touch typing puts them in the best position to succeed. Those typos often become time-consuming bugs to hunt. In curve as well as financially), as the layout by necessity But this says "This is TRUE because I DEMAND that it is true." However, I can accomplish certain tasks far faster than others would, because I use scripts, macros, and other shortcuts that most would not consider. New “Touched” feats, what exactly does ‘appropriate level’ mean? Wireless keybo a rds come in various formats that can best meet your specific requirements or intended uses. In general they spent much more time developing and debugging their software simply due to their slower rate of input. Some of your statements above may be supportable, but none are supported by what you say, actually. Testing knowledge is necessarily different from workplace activity. I've downvoted this answer because looking 'professional' while typing shouldn't be a prerequisite to learning CS. If the goal is to prepare students for "the real world," aka "real jobs" then: Touch typing is required to be an effective programmer. Any of the hunt-and-peckers in that class would have technically cleared a touch-typing prerequisite. There is no such thing as “blind people,” with the implication that all people who cannot see have similar capabilities. Taken to Designing Single-Handed Keyboards? You don't need to type fast to make that pay off. Answers in comments or discussion of your experiance learning to type will be deleted. It did one thing, it did it well. factor placed on the thumb as the 'toggle' between the It just tells the user that the site is off-line (under maintenance). Perhaps you are a skilled pecker. From a 25 year computing industry perspective, people who touch type are generally better at written communication with their colleagues, managers, clients, etc. But if they could touch type, their end result would probably be clearer for other people to understand. My personal short list, roughly in decreasing order of importance, is as follows: Touch-typist here. The world would be a poorer place if they were prevented from entering the field for the lack of such a low level skill. It's naturally learned, so it isn't a requisite. functional hand with the double load it will now have to I can imagine highly encouraging my non-existent students to learn to touch type.


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