With a few, hard-working garments you can take on that mountain with confidence. Everything depends on the sleeping bag. Choosing the right type of footwear for your hike depends on the terrain and the weather. In particular you will find suggestion for you hiking packing list in a summer trekking, a winter trekking and in a day hikes. You may also consider packing the following: If you’re new to this hiking business, there are a few simple steps you can take to make the most out of your first hiking experience; Getting ready for a hiking adventure holiday in the Alps this summer? The sun was always shining down on me as there were few trees. Hiking Boots. Although beautiful, warm weather brings with it extra sweat and annoying insects, so you need to be prepared! 1. Opt for loose clothing. 3. Blue skies and hot sun, the perfect hiking weather, right? Most of the gears described here come from AKU and Ferrino, our technical sponsor. The jacket is of course fundamental in any mountain hiking trip. It’s worth having a few options to change into as your body temperature fluctuates. In case you do not bring a poncho be aware that the backpack will have a rain/snow cover. The answer? If you have a small and warm sleeping bag than  the rule is the same with an ideal of a 40 liters backpack. You need something warm but not so heavy is possible. Ensure your socks reach higher than your shoes or boots to avoid rubbing and choose the thickness based on the weather. In order to prepare a trekking trip in the mountain it is fundamental to bring the right gears. Hiking usually takes place in the countryside, on a mountain or any place of natural beauty. Outdoor Travel Company – Tour Operator Depending on your sleep system light-to-mid weight bottoms for night I guess. However, some people find them a little uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They are perfect for heavy rain and if you’ll know that steady rain will be part of the hike it can really be a nice idea to bring it. Select clothing with UPF-rating. Make sure you spend some time in your chosen shoes before the hike to make sure they don’t rub throughout the day. Good socks are vital when it comes to trudging through mud and undergrowth all day. […], Hi everybody. Pants in winter must be water repellent and fast in getting dry. P.IVA 11407030011, TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT Heading on a spring hiking trip? It’s a good idea to try underwear out before your hiking trip to make sure it’s comfortable. Alps2Alps provide affordable, fuss-free transfers to all major locations throughout the Alps. You don’t want to overheat and dehydrate yourself even more by layering up, so summer hiking clothing might look a little different from winter. Means many different hiking gears with different features that you wear according to the weather and temperature situation. Look and feel the part by donning a pair of hiking pants! A gilet is easy to slip on and off as needed. This section is a tutorial for preparation of mountain Backpacking. It is definitively a good idea to bring a pair of underpants in your hiking packing list in a winter hike! If you go wild or you are using shelter and bed and breakfast is also a very important variable. If you decide hiking in the Alps in July you’ll have great time! Of course to choose the layers depends on the season when you go trekking. Regular sport shoes are not convenient and even not suitable on most trails. If you want an extra layer, go for something super lightweight and breathable in synthetic fibres. If you’re on a budget, second-hand hiking gear will do the job at a fraction of the cost! Or maybe […], Copyright 2014-2018 Trekking Alps - Web Development and SEO by, Alternatives to Tour of Mont Blanc or Dolomites, 4 Excellent Reasons to Choose Italian Alps. I personally like very much zip pants were is possible to make them shorts.


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