Potatoes: It’s a good topping on baked potatoes or a perfect spicy dip for baked french fries ! You should use it only in its traditional applications. The horseradish root is used as a condiment and may be grated and mixed with other flavorings to make sauce or relish. For example, you would not use it to make a cocktail sauce nor can you modify it to make it closer to prepared horseradish. Horseradish sauce is not as versatile and is usually not a good substitute for prepared horseradish. Young, tender leaves have been used as a potherb and as a salad green. Horseradish is 1 of the 5 bitter herbs (horseradish, coriander, horehound, lettuce, nettle) consumed during the Jewish holiday of Passover. https://www.thespruceeats.com/basic-horseradish-sauce-recipe-996077 Fish: Horseradish sauce would be amazing with salmon croquettes, grilled salmon, or even on easy fish tacos or shrimp tacos!


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