Fact 9. We, as humans, sweat when we get warm, or do exercise. Of all the water on … Every ton of steel produced takes about 8000 cubic feet of water from the water cycle. Fact 22. It can obviously exist as a liquid, but can also be classified as a vapor and as ice. This movement is what is referred to as the Water Cycle. According to some researchers, the sea levels would go up by 70 meters if all the Earth’s glaciers melted today. Sonia Madaan is a writer and founding editor of science education blog EarthEclipse. This is basically the process of plants “sweating”. How do Rainbows Form? Scientists believe that climate change will start to affect this more over the coming years. Plants can sweat, and the process is called transpiration – an essential part of the water cycle. There’s energy absorption and release during the water cycle processes – Every time water changes from one state to another, or when it moves from one place to another, it will either produce or absorb energy. 13 Excellent Examples of Natural Resources That Exist on Earth, Artificial Lighting Serious Impact on Wildlife [Infographic], 15 Wonderful Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint, 15 Serious Effects of Plastic Bags Causing Environmental Pollution, Going Green: Tips For Organizing a Beach Clean-up This Summer, Can Squirrels Eat Bread? Every loaf of bread produced takes about 570 gallons of water from the Water Cycle. (And Do They Mate With Other Species). Fact 23. One of the fascinating statistical water cycle facts is that industry could not cope without the water cycle. During periods of colder climate conditions (for instance, the last ice age) more glaciers and ice caps form, lessening the amount of water in other parts of the cycle. Fact 4. It is one of the ways through which nature gets more moisture into the air, especially during hot and dry periods. Fact 7. That explains why ice floats in water. However, one of the really astonishing water cycle facts we know is that the groundwater beneath the earth’s surface that occurs from run-off can be very old indeed. Water cycle facts are very much related to the weather. Fact 12. Water expands by 9% upon freezing. Pollutants in the atmosphere will end up on you as well as into the groundwater, all thanks to precipitation. Within agriculture, it takes over 2.5 gallons of water to grow one tomato, and over 11 gallons to grow one orange. In fact, we could be washing in and drinking, the water that dinosaurs used millions of years ago. About 90% of the ice on Earth exists in Antarctica – The other 10% of the ice mass can be found on other parts of the earth, including the glaciers on mountain tops. Fact 14. A small thunderstorm can generate an average of 2000 tons of rain in about 30 minutes. The vapor, in turn, changes into solid forms such as ice, snow, and rain. However, you can go for about one month without food. All Rights Reserved . Without the cycle, the Earth would either become extremely hot or extremely cold, resulting in untold problems on the planet. It takes about 5,200 cubic feet of water to produce a new car. This web page contains water cycle facts for kids and is an excellent resource for anyone of any age looking to learn about the Earth's water cycle. This means that in areas of high rainfall, precipitation will increase, but arid areas of the world may ultimately experience more in the way of drought! We all know how important it is that we keep hydrated so we stay well and our organs can function properly. Water cycle was first mentioned about 2000 years ago – According to Chandogya Upanishad, one of Hindu’s most ancient scriptures, “rivers… lead from sea to sea.”. Water moves slowly in the cycle – Water can stay for at least 10,000 years locked up in the polar ices sheets or in underground reservoirs. Conversely, during warmer climatic periods, the ice caps melt leading to increased amounts of water in other parts of the water cycle. The water cycle plays an integral role in regulating the Earth’s Temperature – Water is important for the Earth to maintain healthy temperature levels, and hence the significance of the water cycle. Industries can’t run without the water cycle – There are several surprising facts to support this statement: Fact 15. 30 Fun Facts About Gargoyles That You Never Knew About, 30 Peacock Spider Facts About The Worlds Prettiest Spider, 100 Interesting Facts That Will Boggle Your Mind, 300 Random Facts No One Knows What To Do With, 100 Nutrition Facts To An Easier And Healthier Lifestyle, 100 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind, 300 WTF Facts That Will Make You Question Everything, 300 Weird Facts That Will Confuse And Amaze You At The Same Time, 100 Did You Know Facts Most People Have Never Heard About, Definition: A process of condensation, infiltration, run-off, evaporation, precipitation and transpiration, Composition: 3% of the water in the water cycle isn’t saltwater, Renewable: No. Industry and agriculture rely heavily on the water cycle to keep going. *, 30 Bizarre Fossil Facts and Other Rare Finds. Climatic changes translate to changes in the water cycle – Weather changes affect the water cycle. © 2020 . In the center, place a small pot. (And Process of Formation), How Were the Himalayas Formed? Fact 17. Besides nourishing human and plant life on earth, the water is also absorbed by the earth into the underground freshwater aquifers. It’s our body’s way of cooling us down. Next time you pour yourself a glass or stand under the shower, bear in mind the water you drink or clean yourself with might well be the same water than dinosaurs drank millions of years ago. Water evaporates from the ground, turns into clouds, falls as rain, sleet or snow, and the whole process continues endlessly in a cycle. However, it’s really surprising that the groundwater underneath the earth’s surface, which results largely from surface run-off, could be thousands of years old before it returns to the earth surface for our use. Read also: 30 Bizarre Fossil Facts and Other Rare Finds.


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