You can’t go wrong by serving one (or three), be it as an appetizer, dinner or snack. This Umbrian griddle-baked flatbread is a staple of the province of Perugia, and has been compared to some of history’s first examples of unleavened bread (traditionally, torta sul testo was baked on earthenware). Pinzini ferraresi is a type of fried flatbread traditionally prepared in the Italian city of Ferrara. Pinzini are best enjoyed warm, as an antipasto, paired with sliced cured meats, cheese, and pickled vegetables. Two suggestions: Take your cue from the recipes below and make sure you don’t scrimp on the toppings, OK? Flatbread—the fancy sister to pizza—is basically the LBD of finger food. It is first flattened, then cut and deep-fried until golden brown. THE MISSION OF THE BREAD BAKER is to convert a relatively tasteless flour starch into a sweet, multilayered flavor or to evoke the fullest potential of flavor from the grain, while understanding how to manipulate time and temperature in all of the breadmaking stages. Panini: Layer grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, garden tomatoes, and basil leaves on one half of a flatbread. The dough is made with flour, yeast, lard or oil, water, and salt. For an extra-crispy “crust,” toast the flatbread for a minute or two before adding toppings. Flatbread pizzas are delicious grilled over a low flame or baked right on the rack in a hot oven.


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