Our goal is to help women learn and grow! As a result, today, here he was standing in the accused box. I would never have let you down. If this man mistreats you, I will in no way advise you to go ahead with the marriage or even compromise…and being a lawyer myself I assure you I shall myself help you in getting a divorce.”, “But that’s not the actual problem Naina…That’s just the preface.”. The hullabaloo in the court room stopped abruptly and sensing the sudden silence Naina knew the Presiding Officer was on his way. Why Does An Oppressed Woman Turn Around And Do The Same To Another Woman? But Naina left no stone unturned. I got a warm reception by everybody including a tight hug by my father and a … “Like a fairy tale twist of fate, I started dreaming about a life with him…a happily married life if there could be one! The Gift (Short Story) 1.8K 23 by Shane1971 The fog that Tuesday night in March came in surprisingly quickly over the coast and within the hour had surrounded the town of Clarnvale, deep in … Naina felt that the weather itself was agitated over the unjust turn of her friend’s fate. On the pretext of one thing or the other he began calling me into his cabin…and started making advances. The Best Birthday Ever Jenny Qian, Grade 7, Hornsby Girls High School Short Story 2011 As I caught the bus to school, I thought nervously about the day. 100 Great Short Stories. I purchased gifts for my siblings, relatives and friends… for almost everyone who I supposed to meet in the coming vacation. Short story: The gift. 10 Powerful Movies That Explore Women’s Sexual Desire And Don’t Disappoint! Her eyes had a determined look. I will be back as soon as I finish some work at Court. Naina was now anxious to the core at this strange disposition of her friend. I know from now on you will rest in peace. Trust me!”, Rina nodded in half acquiescence. For almost seventy years, people the world over have fallen in love with Frank Capra’s classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life.But few of those fans know that Capra’s film was based on a short story by author Philip Van Doren Stern, which came to Stern in a dr. Only two families and the security staff of the apartment were present to pay their last respects. Rina paused a little..and looked beyond the balcony into the vastness of the sky. 9 Small Financial Steps That Will Pay Off Big in the Future. Reddy had tried his best to avoid being implicated in the crime by influencing the investigating officials. Some students with note books for court work too waited impatiently for the Court proceedings to begin. Best Gift to Mother – Family Short Story Photo Credit: www.cepolina.com. We have a great collection of Short Stories for Students and Children's Stories. Click a button to find the best short stories from the authors below. Nevertheless, thoughts about Rina flooded her mind. I tried to run out of the house but he caught me by my waist and hurled me into bed. Sadness, despair and hope all blend in this short story. On 25th March, the Court after hearing the plea of Reddy, sentenced him to undergo a term of two years rigorous imprisonment for Criminal Intimidation and ten years imprisonment for abetting suicide. There were two men in her life..One who was ‘using’ her just for eliciting money, and the other who was ‘misusing’ her sad state of affairs. “Moreover, they will get thousands of receptionists but not a brilliant editor like him. The pain in her eyes deepened, the usual blush on her cheeks had vanished making her look so pale . “Err, I do not know where and how to begin with Naina.. She could not believe that Rina was no more. Once or twice he hinted that he would like to make me his..and I foolishly thought he wanted to marry me after I get my divorce from Karthik.”. “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl. ”, “But what Rina..?” Naina raised her voice…..” Damn, Why didn’t you tell me all this before? I am told they are leading an estranged life. O's friends and family share stories of the greatest gifts they've ever received, in celebration of all that's merry and bright. The intensity of our heated argument crossed the four walls of the cabin and fell upon the management’s ears too, but  unfortunately nobody was willing to hear my  words.


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