Has Sapele back and sides--this is a less-expensive tonewood than koa, Has an onboard tuner that automatically mutes the output. Your email address will not be published. In my experience, Taylor's laminate materials often sound just as good if not better than their hardwood counterparts. So I shrugged and bought it. The Gibson G-45 is essentially Gibson's counterpart to the 214CE. I personally preferred the sound of the 214ce overall. Widely regarded as the affordable gateway into Taylor’s range of instruments, the 200 series are well-balanced guitars with wonderful tones and exquisite playability. The 214ce is fitted with Taylor’s Expression System 2 electronics. Copyright © 2015 - 2020 - SixStringAcoustic.com - Privacy Policy. Related: 210ce Full Review. The top is made of solid Sitka spruce. This guitar is best suited to anyone, first and foremost, who likes the Sitka Spruce, rosewood tonal combination. It comes with Yamaha's unique SRT2 pickup system, which incorporates both microphone and piezo pickups to help you dial in the perfect tone. Taylor states that this style is suitable for. But it’s close. Considering the Taylor 214ce review, a Taylor 214ce formulated active preamp. Thie review is designed to give you a thorough overview of this guitar to help you decide whether it's the right choice for you. Their designs might lack a little fanciness or flashiness, but they are without a doubt sleek, stylish, and … Pros In particular, Taylor's 214CE is a reasonably affordable guitar that still sounds like a professional-grade guitar. This video is more the sound that I experienced. The good news is that, as instrument-making technologies have grown, it's become possible to purchase a quality instrument for a reasonably low price. So after playing about 50 guitars priced from about $800 to $2200, which was out of my budget, I decided I could spend about $1700. taylor 214ce-blk dlx review,where is the taylor 214ce made,taylor 214ce-g review,taylor 214 cen review,taylor guitar reviews,taylor 214ce plus review,taylor 214e vs 214ce,taylor 114ce vs 214ce. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Guitar. When making any instrument purchase (and especially when buying a guitar as high-value as the 214CE), it's generally a good idea to see what other buyers think of a given instrument. This review is useful because it evaluates the guitar's value for the price. With an easy-to-play grand auditorium body, Taylor's legendary Expression System 2 electronics, and a beautiful spruce and koa tonewood configuration, it's a guitar that you can be proud to play. Many guitarists who choose a 214CE are seeking a Taylor guitar that is more affordable than most. This is pretty standard and felt normal to play. However, if you play live at all, purchasing an instrument with quality electronics is a good idea. The wood has an impressive dynamic range, and its strength means it can be cut very thin. Walnut is an unusual tonewood, but it's especially useful for clarity--it's bass and treble aren't coloured, but it still has an appealing, warm tone. Taylor 214CE-CF DLX review Checking out Taylor’s new copafera-backed 200 series £949; €1,399; By Acoustic 11 February 2018. However, according to Taylor Guitars founder Bob Taylor, all Taylor laminates fundamentally sound the same. A beginner might want to go with a smaller guitar with a shorter scale length to make it easier on their fingers. If you want a classic tone in a vintage design, be sure to check this guitar out today. Assuming that you do and that it is in your budget range, then the ideal guitarist for this guitar would be an intermediate to advanced level guitarist who likes to play a bit of everything from flat-picking to strumming to fingerstyle. On this guitar I play mostly Acoustic, Classical, Rock, Ballads, Blues, and country songs. Of course, no single make of guitar is right for everyone. I found the 214ce had good clarity of sound and you could really hear everything that was going on clearly, when you played it – and in every style as I mentioned before. The Gibson G-45 Studio is about the same price as the 214CE, and it's also made of all-solid wood--Sitka spruces with walnut back and sides. The construction quality, in general, is remarkable, as is known for Taylor guitars. Compared to the average guitar off the shelf I found the 214ce had a reasonably low action. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As you search for your next acoustic (or even your first one), you probably will come across several potential choices. This acoustic may be a good alternative for you if you want a slightly less expansive instrument and if you would prefer a dreadnought body shape. That’s not the case anymore. We've found three guitars that are similar to the 214CE: Like Taylor, Martin is a highly respected guitar manufacturer. Unlike under-saddle pickups, this one isn't compressed by string tension, so it responds much more naturally. The D-10E Road Series is a simply-designed instrument that offers Martin sound for a lower price. The design, build techniques and tone of the 214ce are … Best Gibson Acoustic Guitar – 7 Great Options for You, Best Parlor Guitar – Roundup review of 7 Great Choices, Takamine EF360S-TT – Review of Thermal Top Acoustic Guitar, Martin LX1E Review – Little Martin Acoustic Electric Guitar, Martin DX1AE Review – A Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Martin DRS1 Review – Guitar updated as Martin D-10E Road Series, Taylor 114CE Review – Affordable Mid Range Grand Auditorium, Yamaha AC1M review – Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This acoustic may be a good alternative for you if you want a slightly less expansive instrument and if you would prefer a dreadnought body shape. It has a Venetian cutaway, which makes accessing frets further down the neck much easier. The 214ce has a 25.5” (648mm) scale length. Taylor acoustic guitars are known for their often-bright, airy sound, and the brand is a favorite among professionals and hobby players alike.


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