(9) and related factors lectures: Boulder 1999/05/30 field theory: anti-de Sitter These lecture notes provide a detailed introduction to the bosonic string and conformal field theory, aimed at "Part III" (i.e. For introductions to the AdS/CFT correspondence you may consult the lectures by O. DeWolfe [9], J. Erdmenger [10], and D. Harlow [11] in this volume, lectures at the earlier TASI schools including [12–14], and the comprehensive review [15]. These lectures notes are based on courses given at National Taiwan University, National Chiao-Tung University, and National Tsing Hua University in the spring term of 2015. 1. Joào Penedones; Joào Penedones. Although the course was offered primarily for graduate students, these lecture notes have been prepared for a more general audience. McGreevy’s course notes [3] are similar in approach to my lectures. Besides the gauge theories, the ‘t Hooft large N limit applies to matrix models, such as the The 2001 TASI lectures by d’Hoker and Freedman [2] are thorough and detailed, particularly with regard to the constraints from supersymmetry and the conformal algebra, and the calculation of correlation functions. Lectures at TASI '99, Boulder, June 1999; 36 pages, LaTeX; v2: corrected factor of 2 in eq. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation. Fields and Strings Laboratory, Institute of Physics, EPFL Rte de la Sorge, BSP 728, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. Chapter 2: TASI Lectures on AdS/CFT. masters level) students. 1 We show how comparison of stacks of D3-branes with corresponding supergravity solutions leads to dualities between conformal large N gauge theories in 4 dimensions and string backgrounds of the form AdS 5 × X 5 where X >5 is an Einstein manifold. D’Hoker and Freedman’s lectures at TASI 2001 [18] provide encyclopedic detail of supersymmetry in AdS/CFT and higher-point September 2003. TASI lectures: introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence. David Tong: Lectures on String Theory. Centro de Física do Porto, Universidade do Porto, Portugal Theoretical Physics Department, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. TASI 2003 lectures on AdS/CFT Juan Maldacena Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA We give a short introduction to AdS/CFT and its plane wave limit. The full set of lectures notes can be downloaded here and weigh in at around 200 pages. Lecture 5 : Friday June 5: 10:45-12:00 PM: Supersymmetry and the MSSM: Fox, Patrick (Fermilab) Lecture 4 : Friday June 5: 2:00- 3:15 PM: Introduction to extra dimensions: Cheng, Hsin-Chia (Davis) Lecture 1: Monday June 8: 9:00-10:15 AM: Dark Energy. Klebanov’s 1999 TASI lectures [17] provide a lot of back-ground on the string/brane systems that led to AdS/CFT, and a nice description of the remarkable holographic system arising from branes at a conifold singularity. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation. TASI lectures on AdS/CFT: Author(s) Penedones, Joao (EPFL, Lausanne, FSL ; Porto U. ; CERN) Imprint 17 Aug 2016. They are now also available on the arxiv. This is an introductory review of the AdS/CFT correspondence and of the ideas that led to its formulation.


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