A unique keyhole style string … Free shipping . NEW - 4-String Bass Bridge, Lock-Down Saddles - BLACK. I had Mike Lull do the final pickup installation and as part of it he used a piece of copper shielding tape to span across the individual bridge pieces, and then did a typical ground wire to the G-string bridge… I have a Warmoth G4 that uses a Hipshot single string bridge. fully adjustable saddles 2 mounting screws Allen/hex key for height adjustments High sheen chrome finish Your choice of top OR through body string … Bass Bridge 57mm 4 String thru body bridge … Free shipping . Single String Bridge - Chrome These individual bridge are perfect for building fan fretted, multi scale, or single string Diddley Bow style instruments. The one thing I don't like about the ABM bridges is that they are a real PITA to line up perfectly. I suppose this is only relevant on the bridges with built in tuners because the tuner part is as wide as the bridge … 4 Piece Gold Electric Bass Bridge Adjustable Single String Saddles 4 Ibanez ETC. Made completely out of stainless steel with Hipshot's beloved saddle, this bridge will look and sound amazing for generations. For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge … $25.29. Single style A ABR ABR-1 B Badass Gretsch® Gypsy Headless Locking ... Omega Bass® 4-string bass bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with mounting screws. Mobius Megatar sells their single string bridges as well. Description The Solo by Hipshot is a single string bridge system that gives you the timeless, classic style you want with the flexibility you need. $12.99.


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