The Group 4 is compared to the conditions/parameters reflected in control animals. How to find seed germination index in a compost? Thus, the best way to describe the response to environmental or any other factor is to apply the concept of probability. In order to study heterosis of maize, comparisons were made for morphological and physiological characters of germinating kernels between parental inbreds, Oh545. Any recommendations? Every seed in every sample has a probability of germinate under a period of time when the value is 0 or 1. What I want to know is about day 1 (D1). © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Abdul-Baki AA, Anderson JD. *** If any one can help me to obtain a good reference material that guide to Interpretation and analysis of biological research data would be much grateful. Journal of  Plant Physiology 2010;167:149–156. The data of the statistical test is available in the following format: I want to mark significant differences between two bars with different letters (like bar1:a and bar2:b). Can you share a copy of Abdul-baki and Anderson (1973) paper? Hybrid vigor in relation to lipid and protein metabolism in germinating maize kernels. Worldwide, researchers, scholars and seed technologists have been working with population responses and looking for an index simple to describe a population problem with all the complex aspects that involve the seed germination. How to denote letters to mark significant differences in a bar chart plot. My study requires to analyze various blood parameters and biochemical tests for 5 groups, each containing 6 rats. Which is the best among the two? in finding the seed germination index we need to find seed germination(%) and mean root elongation(%).seed germination is no of seeds germinated compared to the control..what about root elongation? What is the best formula for calculating vigor index?? (SVI-I= Seedling length × Germination Percentage and SVI-II= Seedling Dry Wt. I calculated Seedling vigor index  by multiplying the  Germination percentage with mean of seedling length (root + shoot) and also mean seedling weight (dry) as well. Number of seedlings emerging daily are counted from day of planting the seeds in the medium till the time germination is complete. Vigor index= Germination %  × mean of seedling length (root + shoot). Please, read Douglas and Bates for more information (June, 1988) or Ratkowsky, 1993. Thus, the sample size in each group is less. GI = ∑ (Gt/Dt), where Gt is the number of the germinated seed on day t and Dt is time corresponding to Gt in days. Soluble sugar test The SS test was conducted on three replicates. VI=S×Σ (Gt/Dt) (Zhu and Hong, 2008), where S is seedling height of the seventh day, Gt is number of germinated seeds in the “t th” day, Dt is number of days from the first day to the “t th” day. SEED VIGOUR TESTING P.e. Seed that you collect or got from a friend may not be mature and will therefore not germinate. Vigor index = Root length + Shoot length x Seed germination % (Maisuria and Patel, 2009). Seed vigour is a term encompassing the sum total of those properties of the seed that determine the potential performance of the seed or seed lot during germination and seedling emergence (Perry, 1978). What is the deciding factor for the type of test to be used for the study? Kindly help. Vashisth A., S. Nagarajan. You can collect a handful of seed and find no germination because the seed husks lack a living embryo. Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Which is better for estimating vigour- Seed Vigour Index I or II? Unfortunately, I do not know the formula you provided. How many kilograms of soil are in one hactare? How can interpret vigor index seed germination? How to decide the day one to calculate germination index (GI) ? The content of free fatty acids (FFA) in the scutellum of the F1 hybrid increased faster than in either parental lines. × Germination Percentage) formula is most used in studies. Some maples and beech tend to do this. W22 and their F1 (Oh545XW22) . The heterotic F1 hybrid (Oh545×W22) germinates and grows faster than parental inbred lines. The vigour index (VI) of the seedlings can be estimated as suggested by Abdul-Baki and Anderson (1973): where RL is root length (cm), SL is shoot length (cm) and GP is germination percentage. Effect on germination and early growth characteristics in sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds exposed to static magnetic field. I'll look in my documents. I do not know that including germination speed. And why? I have added an example plot with letter-coded significant differences to illustrate what I want to do. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY-SCIENCE B Volume: 9 Issue: 12 Pages: To calculate seedling vigour Index with the help of Abdul-baki and Anderson (1973) formula usually by two mwthods: Seedling vigour index I = Standard germination % × Seedling length (cm), Seedling vigour index II =Standard germination % × Seedling dry weight (g). The safety of the treatment compound is studied by administrating only the treatment compound in Group 4. Anybody an idea which programme can help me? The math behind the idea of rate is easy to understand. There is very easy formula for estimation of vigor of seed.


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