Assuming you haven’t just emerged from 30 years in a Tibetan cave, you presumably know why this is happening. A similar experiment has been conducted over the years in India, with the IITs. But, related to the topic at hand, according to the press release, “In January 1965, ten years after Einstein’s death, Roger Penrose proved that black holes really can form and described them in detail; at their heart, black holes hide a singularity in which all the known laws of nature cease. After all, only the most gifted athletes participate. These infinities will always be there in any universe of set theory, and always in the same order. The fourth level of description is from within the models themselves: each model imagines itself to have an uncountable infinity of sets. I grew up in France so the system might be quite different from the US. The math team was never mentioned, even if we won a big championship. I also think you sound like twat. When I graduated, there were a total of 5 IITs, and just around 2000 students entering per year. I am also one who would prefer that the diversity issue be solved via the use of affirmative action for race, income, and geography, but since that is not a feasible solution, the mix of ability and lottery selection is likely the best we can get. In Terry Tao’s case, his family -with extremely good judgement in my opinion- chose to send him to Flinders University where he could be near his parents in his young age before being sent to Princeton to learn from the best mathematicians in the world. Alas, IQC has decided that it can no longer do so. If you want to teach nerds how to interact, then I think the key is this: you first need to put them in an environment where it’s taken for granted that the things nerds are good at are worthy of respect. And if you tell me that such magnet programs need to end even though you yourself once benefitted from them—well, isn’t that more contemptible still? I went to a magnet school in middle school, and then TJ for high school. Scott #90: I regret having mentioned Turing and Feynman and von Neumann.” The point isn’t to get people to the point where they’ll make a lot of money and be happy, the point is to get people to the point where they can and will push the frontier! Gödel proves that, if the axioms of set theory are consistent—that is, if they describe any universes at all—then they also describe these minimalist universes. It’s as if every basketball player in the world was suddenly unattached and the 30 NBA teams got to redraft their 15-man rosters from scratch. Even with a proof of P\neq NP foundations of PKC is still not clear. Did you know he went for college to MIT? For that matter, the same way most of us felt the day Trump was elected. Like, I dunno, a. It’s funny how quantum computing, P vs. NP, and so forth can come to feel like just an utterly mundane day job, not something anyone outside a small circle could possibly want to talk about while the fate of civilization hangs in the balance. There’s also the possibility that bad high school experiences is what makes them maladjusted, and schools like this would prevent all of that suffering. I’m still a little unsure about whether the college admissions statistics from TJ are as impressive as they first look, though. The devout Cantor thought his discovery illuminated the nature of God; it’s never been entirely obvious to me that he was wrong. A line has to be drawn between crazy and liberal if such line exist. And as I said, precisely because I believe Penrose has the upper hand over that “consensus” you appeal to, I am not losing my sleep over the possibility of HAL9000 or Skynet (pick the fictional horror system of your choice) taking over humanity. But by the time teams are filling out their last 4-5 roster slots, they’ll be drafting based on specific role and who goes at #450 vs. who gets left out at #451 will be based on whether that team prefers a rim protector with deficient offensive skills or an undersized shooter that’s a defensive liability. n. The scarcity problem remains. What society should offer is opportunity to develop one’s talents -whatever they are-, not “denial of opportunity” early in life which is one of the side effects of the mindset behind talent searches. This brings us to the third level: the symbols refer to models of set theory, which could also be called “mathematical universes.” Crucially, we always can and often will take these models to be only countably infinite: that is, to contain an infinity of sets, but “merely” ℵ0 of them, the infinity of integers or of finite strings, and no more. I find your approach sickening. You say “[TJHS without admissions testing] would simply converge to become another of the thousands of schools across the US where success is based on sports, networking, and popularity.” and “[TJHS allows students to] attend a school where, instead of the other kids either tormenting or ignoring you, they might teach you.”, But that doesn’t capture the specificity of it, because you also say “And if by some miracle it avoided that fate, still it would no longer be available to most of the kids who‘d most need it.”. And this is irrespective of the argument “nature vs nurture” as to what causes these people to end up becoming stars. At last I can honestly tell myself: the growth is gone. More about that in a future post!) I’m thankful that the mRNA vaccines actually work. I ask you to explicitly state your position on links, if any, between race and intelligence as to avoid any misunderstandings on my behalf or other readers who might have gotten the wrong impression. While performance on a high stakes exam is certainly correlated with academic ability, there are tons of confounds. The bulk of these students are also from private schools now (confusingly, private schools in India are called ‘public schools’, as in ‘Delhi Public School’.). Nilima Nigam brought to this conversation evidence of mistreatment of Native Americans. His basic theory is that exceptional startups -of the kind that transform society such as Microsoft, Apple or Google- as well as the founders that produce them happen exactly once in history because the right combination of the talent of the founders as well as the societal combination that produced them together with the necessary conditions for their creations to be successful happen only once in history. For instance if someone had a special needs children and want more resources for those children and closing TJHS can provide those resources, should one decide for or against? A priori the number of Fields Medal winners is no more a cherry picked metric with regard to an education system than is economic productivity. I see the attempt by TJHS to make it more inclusive a noble goal which nobody should confuse with “lowering the bar” because “the bar” is a very subjective term. I think the concept of matching captures much more accurately what we want to talk about here. I don’t agree with the proposal to completely get rid of the admissions test.


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