& Home App. The mic is pretty ugly as far as mics go, although if it produces the results, it doesn’t matter all that much. Behringer analog gear tends to last about a year and then it goes wrong. It’s fairly compact although a bit on the heavy side for a condenser of this size. Gen. #0907906. Comparing it to the Behringer C-1, I find that the Samson C01 needs less gain, and its frequency response is flatter (absence of proximity effect). The Behringer C1’s XLR output. For the price, it's 5 stars from me. #0907905; Sec. Read more. Couple of questions if that's ok - firstly what would the sort of difference would there be stepping up to a mic slightly higher up - say the samson c03, behringer c3 or the b2 that was recommended, over the c1 or the c01? While I think the Studio Projects B1 is a much nicer mic than the Samson, I don't believe the Samson CO1 is a small diaphragm electret.

Hd. The Behringer C1 weighs in at 450g (15.87oz) and measures L 169mm (6.65”) x W 54mm (2.13”). SP B1/ Behringer B1 is 1" large true condenser mic. Its noise floor is noticeable, but that is easily removed in post-processing.

Deal. Helpful. I’ve had no end of people who’ve bought Behringer tell me how great it is, and it’s just like [name of expensive brand that it looks like]. Print Email. Speed up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and more.


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