Only half of the book, more or less. It’s probably the most useful resource. 6-11. 1-7. 251b – Scattering (Lippmann-Schwinger, optical theorem), 251b – Scattering (Born approx, partial waves, resonances), 251b – Scattering (Phase shifts, cross-sections, eikonal approx. Coleman, Introduction to Many-Body Physics. Failure of equilibrium theory A discussion of why equilibrium techniques fail in nonequilibrium systems. Some notes on general relativity, etc. Physics 251b (Advanced Quantum Mechanics II, Harvard). Thursday, November 8, 2018: Notes 22, Secs. Tuesday, January 22, 2019: Notes 27, entire; Notes 28, entire. 3-8 and 10; Notes 39, Typed notes on PV device physics and some regular semiconductor physics. Thursday, September 6, 2018: Notes 4, Secs. Thursday, September 13, 2018: Notes 7, Secs. Handwritten notes. Final exam for seniors and graduate students will be available at noon on … Momentum and Spherical Harmonics, Irreducible Tensor Good book! My personal notes are below. Tuesday, September 18, 2018: Notes 7, Secs. Why learn so many disparate subjects? Handwritten notes from 2017-18. Nelson, The Physics of Solar Cells. 1-4. courses I have taught. 13-15 and 17-21 Not mine! In these “Quantum Mechanics and Applications Notes PDF”, we will study the elements of modern physics, in this course students would be exposed to more advanced concepts in quantum physics and their applications to problems of the sub atomic world. Secs. Really excellent book. 8-18, Notes 5, Secs. I never got very good at this but I also never really liked it. I found this class online here. Some ideas for implementing self-energies, etc. Notes from senior year of high school. Thursday, October 18, 2018: Notes 16, Secs. Currently working on Vol. I think I have much better answers for most of the questions now, so it may not be the best resource. Zettili, Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications. Yikes. Announcements. 7-12. Schwartz, Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model. Tuesday, October 9, 2018: Notes 13, Secs. Typed. Haug and Jauho, Quantum Kinetics in Transport and Optics of Semiconductors. It includes a surprisingly complete and difficult treatment of crystallographic group theory. 1-2. Notes 1: The Mathematical Formalism of Quantum Mechanics, pdf format. A prime example of a bad book. Thanks to my friend Ethan Cobb for scanning some of these notes! pn-junction, MOSFET, BJT, Op-amp, etc. 1-3. Thursday, September 27, 2018: Notes 10, Secs. Abild-Petersen, et. Transformations in Special Relativity, Hole Theory and More people should be cool like him. (omit) Sec. Turing’s paper “The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis” explains how the cheetah got its spots and why flowers have certain numbers of petals. Hopefully it will become clearer after reading Weinberg. Secs. A hard book; I only read around half of it. Differently from many other books, these notes contain 34 problems with their detailed worked-out solutions. From pretty tables of integrals, Laplace transforms, ODEs, Stat 110/111 formulas. Some of it was interesting. Simon, Introduction to Solid-State Physics. Was tutoring a friend for this class, which necessitated reading the book. 3-11. Short notes on conformal mapping. This book was a bit disappointing. 1-6. Radial Coulomb problem Summary Spin-orbit interaction Spinor spherical harmonics Fine structure of hydrogen Zeeman effect in alkali atoms Normal Zeeman effect Stark effect/Electric polarizability. The notes start out in Section 1 with a brief review of Classical Mechanics in the Lagrange formulation and build on this to introduce in Section 2 Quantum Mechanics in the closely related path integral formulation. Typed. Early version of the book by Coleman is here. Why is it called random phase approximation??? Typed. Thursday, October 11, 2018: Notes 13, Secs. Typed. Typed. Why haven’t I learned this yet? Tuesday, October 23, 2018: Notes 17 entire, Notes 18, Secs. 3 and 5-11. (There is an error on page 7. To fill up my notebook, I also wrote 40 case briefs at the end! It’s probably the most useful resource. Tuesday, September 11, 2018: Notes 5, Secs. Typed. Please email me if you find errors. Typed. Typed. 5-12. Applied math 205 (Advanced scientific computing I, Harvard). Thursday, April 25, 2019: Notes 47, Secs. Thursday, November 29, 2018: Notes 25, Secs. Typed. Tuesday, November 27, 2018: Notes 24, Secs. 16; Notes 32, 1-8. Isn’t it impossible (or useless)? Great book! Exam policy: One handwritten note sheet (8. Typed. 7-12. Tuesday, December 4, 2018: Notes 26, Secs. Thursday, February 7, 2019: Notes 31, Sec. Short notes on projection formalisms and Mori-Zwanzig technique, Linblad equation, etc. Thursday, October 4, 2018: Notes 12, Secs. Vol I: Topics in Quantum Mechanics. Blyth, Introduction to Quantitative Finance. Based on this webpage, it looks like I know nothing about the humanities. What a fantastic and difficult book. Typed. Typed. Tuesday, October 16, 2018: Notes 15 entire; Notes 16, Secs. Tuesday, September 25, 2018: Notes 9, Secs. Some notes on plasma physics (unfinished ) Typed. Why doesn’t it work? Secs. Notes on Quantum Mechanics ... etc. Lecture note called “Integrals and Methods of Regularization,” stolen from Schwartz QFT. Long written notes gave me a clear understanding of the basic topics in Physics. Razeghi, Fundamentals of Solid-State Engineering. Nelson, Statistical Mechanics of Membranes and Surfaces. Chang and Sze, ULSI Technology. Secs. . Typed notes on symmetry breaking and handwritten notes on non-Abelian gauge theory. Typed notes, but not on the whole book. Typed. A highly intelligent person’s notes on QM can be found here. 1,2 and 4. Secs. Tuesday, April 9, 2019: Notes 42, Secs. 6-19; Notes 22, Secs. 8-12; Notes 42, 11-14. 1-2. Artist's impression of entangled particles, from YouTube/stargazer via Business Insider. 3-7; Notes 23, Secs. Frankel, The Geometry of Physics. What did Anderson have to say about symmetry breaking? Second Quantization of the Dirac Field, Electromagnetic Secs. Kardar, Statistical Physics of Fields. 1-6. Some handwritten “questions and answers” I had when first learning relativistic field theory. Handwritten notes from the class. Weinberg’s books on gravitation and cosmology. You can read it here, and read more about Turing pattern formation in Murray’s book, Mathematical Biology. Introduction to computational neuroscience. Zettili – Pictures of QM, TD Perturbation Theory, Adiabatic, Zettili – Angular Momentum II + Unitaries. Tuesday, August 28, 2018: Notes 1, Secs. 1-13. A little bit about renormalization and superconductivity as well. Same author. 5-7. Only read some chapters. Handwritten notes, also not on the whole book. Currently, these notes are really terrible. Formalism of Quantum Mechanics, Topics in Zettili – Postulates of QM. Ouch… too much homework! Electromagnetic Field Hamiltonian, Lorentz Joannopoulos et. For some reason, I forgot that I was looking for the 1PI diagrams, so I should not have included the diagrams with two hairpins. A compendium of online math resources is here. Nice book though. Aitchison and Hey II – Notes I Handwritten notes on some chapters. in nonequilibrium theories. Notes 2: The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, pdf format. Questions and answers in quantum theory of solids.


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