[7] Colin Ferris from Game Revolution praised the graphics and speed of the game as breathtaking and awe-inspiring, concluding that it offered the best qualities of the fifth-generation machines. [26] Naka originally intended to make Nights into Dreams a slow-paced game, but as development progressed the gameplay pace gradually increased, in similar vein to Sonic games. Producer Yuji Naka in an interview with Sega Saturn Magazine[21], Nights was developed by Sonic Team, the Sega development division that had created the Sonic the Hedgehog games for Genesis. [57] In Japan, Nights into Dreams was the best-selling Saturn game and the 21st best-selling game of 1996, with 392,383 copies sold. [16], Christmas Nights contains the full version of Claris' Spring Valley dream level from Nights into Dreams, playable as both Claris and Elliot. Incredibly rare easter egg- Puffy's closet. [34] In the US, it was advertised with the slogan "Prepare to fly". Designer Takao Miyoshi recalled working "in the peak of summer ... holed up at the office listening to 'Jingle Bells'". Some sort of guide would be awesome! [16] Iizuka stated that Christmas Nights was created to increase Saturn sales. [90][91], A minigame version of Nights into Dreams is playable through using the Nintendo GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable connectivity with Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (2000)[92] and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (2003). [22] According to Naka, every phrase in the game has a meaning; for example, "abayo" is Japanese slang for "goodbye". All rights reserved. [24] Naka limited the game's flying mechanic to "invisible 2D tracks" because early beta testing revealed that the game was too difficult to play in full 3D. [29] Iizuka studied dreams and theories about them, such as Jung's theories of dream archetypes. Realizing that Claris is performing in a hall, Elliot runs through the crowd and sees Claris on stage in front of a large audience, singing well. [62] Edge praised the game's analogue controller and called the levels "well-designed and graphically unrivaled", but the reviewer expressed disappointment in the limited level count compared to Super Mario 64, and suggested that Nights seemed to prioritise technical achievements and Saturn selling points over gameplay with as clear a focus as Sonic. 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TysTheGuy. Norihiro Nishiyama, the designer of the in-game movies, felt that the 3D cutscenes were a good method to show the different concepts of dreaming and waking up. [25] According to Naka, the initial development team consisted of seven people, and grew to 20 as programmers arrived. [27], The game was developed using Silicon Graphics workstations for graphical designs and Sega Saturn emulators running on Hewlett-Packard machines for programming. [29], Because the Nights character was testing very young in focus groups, Sega used a nighttime scene for the cover art to give the game a more mature look. In NiD Nightopians can be found within all of the levels bar Twin Seeds. As far as i know it is all in a level and there is an achievment for creating a Mephian.You can find achievment guide on how to creat one.Never tried/noticed the rest the rest explained from the wiki, Nightopians seem to breed randomly as far as i can tell but if you dash into a nightmaren (which turns them into a ball that bounces around) and they hit a nightopian then you get a mepian, which will inherit some features of the nightmaren that created it. Naka said that Nights reflected Jung's analytical "shadow" theory, whereas Claris and Elliot were inspired by Jung's animus and anima. Nightopians are residents of the Night Dimension and minor characters in the NiGHTS series. [28] It took about six months to develop, and the team went through many ideas for alternate controllers, including one shaped like a Nights doll. If you manage to get 2 mepians with different features to breed you can get a king nightopian which apparently builds a tower within the level. Tom Guise from Computer and Video Games heralded the game's flight system and freedom as captivating and stated that Nights into Dreams is the "perfect evolution" of a Sonic game. [14] The game also features a multiplayer mode, which allows two players to battle each other by using a splitscreen. An abbreviated Christmas-themed version, Christmas Nights, was released in December 1996. NiGHTS into Dreams .Com is proudly powered by WordPress , Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) . [24] The team were hesitant to switch the game from 2D to 3D, as Naka was sceptical that appealing characters could be created with polygons, in contrast to traditional pixel sprites, which Sonic Team's designers found "more expressive". What is beyond the darkness, we'll ascertain it with our eyes!" [22] Yuji Naka was lead programmer and producer,[23] while Naoto Ohshima and Takashi Iizuka were director and lead designer, respectively. [2] The A-Life system features an evolving music engine, allowing tempo, pitch, and melody to alter depending on the state of Nightopians within the level. Various acrobatic manoeuvres can be performed, including the "Paraloop", whereby flying around in a complete circle and connecting the trail of stars left in Nights' wake causes any items within the loop to be attracted towards Nights.


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