In the Name Of; Ivory Music & Video (Philippines, 2011-2018) J Storm (Japan) JVR Music (Taiwan) Kemosabe Records; Kobalt Music Group; Love Is (Thailand) Select Recipients List, c Fill in the items to complete your document . Dubstep, Trance, Techno, House, Electro, Glitch, Drum and Bass, and more EDM and electronic music on One common factor that you will notice is that fact that at least you should have the word ‘labels’, ‘records’ and ‘music’ in whatever name you decide to call your record label company. Record Label Names Ideas. It has a very fast database engine and a nice and easy to use interface. Universal Music Group is home to the most iconic and influential labels & brands in music. List of Sony Music labels. In the Mail Merge Manager, under 2. The best way to find a unique name for your Record Label Company is to combine two or more similar or dissimilar names. Recommended websites: Histories and discographies of Record Labels. Columbia Records. ML automatically queries Gracenote CDDB if a new CD is … Submit music label (free service) Main music page | Album reviews | Album ratings | Best albums | History of Rock Music. Here are few catchy names that you can choose to use as a record label company name; Catchy Creative Record Label Business Name ideas EDM and Electronic Music Record Labels list. For a limited time, the label was distributed by Polydor but was then acquired and marketed by DA Music in Germany since the early 80s. You can use the list given below as Record Label Name Generator. In your main document, edit the first label to add spaces, commas, and carriage returns where you want them. You can store all kind of information that is related to artists and their titles. You can use any combination of words given below to have your Record Label Name. The label had two series of releases – one for British jazz musicians and one for international musicians – published under the two imprints, Black Lion and Freedom. "Music Label is the best Music Collector's Tool I've ever seen. Alphabetical list. Lists of record labels cover record labels, brands or trademarks associated with marketing of music recordings and music videos.The lists are organized alphabetically, by genre, by … Record Label Name Generator. Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of record labels owned by, or associated with Sony Music. Your field names are copied into all the labels in your main document.


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