As for everything in life, there are pros and cons for such an adventure, as it is moving to Los Angeles. Pros and Cons of living in Los Angeles please? Answer Save. What I want to know from those of you that live in L.A. is what are the pros and cons that you see? These are my own opinions. lol Thank you! . I live 20 minutes from the beach and 2 hours from the mountains. how's the quality of life in L.A at the moment? i was wondering what's good and bad about the city, and what life would be like for a bartender was far as finding a job? Any help would be greatly appreciated. i'm going to be a bartender in the near future, and i'm heavily discussing the matter of moving out west. 1 1. For this article, I will be taking a look at the pros and cons of Los Angeles. So ever since i can remember i have always wanted to visit California, of course watching The OC, and other california based shows does get you excited to see how it would be like to actually visit or live there. 5 things I LOVE and HATE about Los Angeles - Duration: 6:30. pros and cons of living in los angeles? However when I'm not here I think "how the hell do I deal with that traffic?" ncsr11. This is a major metropolitan area and there are millions of things to do here. I've lived both in the San Gabriel Valley (suburbs east of Downtown) and on the Westside (Culver City area). Relevance. I love L.A. and every time I am here I dread leaving. 8 Answers. 1/17/2009. Cons: It gets extraordinarily hot, like ten or more degrees hotter than the flats, especially in the summer; it feels a bit detached from the rest of LA since the Hollywood Hills separate it from the Los Angeles basin. Foofa. It is cool to see a celebrity walking the streets of L.A. but there are also paparazzi all over the city. & also The Pros and Cons of living in LA - … Pro: Weather . Water restrictions, traffic jams, Latino gangs, Latinos, crime, . . I think it's great living here. 9 months ago. That is why when you are moving to Los Angeles there are some facts you need to know, and just then you should make an informed decision about your move whether is moving by yourself or with your family. Report as inappropriate. I will be excluding Orange County, because it is not a part of Los Angeles. I will be excluding celebrity sightings, because it is a pro and a con. Pros and Cons of living in Los Angeles, California? Lv 7. Moving to Los Angeles 101 I've lived in Los Angeles for my entire life. Fresh ... How I moved to California with $700 and a dream! 9 months ago.


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