Search. How can I return an item to you? Lean more! Indoor or outdoor, these cylinders have been designed for MAXimum light output while fending off the elements. 1. Email Address. Create an Account . Lights & Lighting » Customer Service » FAQ. Take a peak at these special offers on select models that are sure to brighten things up. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to the proper use of our logo and brand assets. No problem. Check out our FAQ page: returns ordering process/warranty payment delivery shipping technical questions. 973-803-2834. Whitecroft Lighting (the Company) products are supplied with a 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defect that may occur with the products during this time. Our Brands. Password. Products. Login. They represent incredible value, pure and simple. Sustainability. Warranty Form. In no event shall Prima Lighting’s obligation under this warranty extend beyond the initial cost of the products and accordingly any consequential damages or labor costs arising out of a defect are expressly excluded. In fact, downlighting was one of the first lighting applications to commercially embrace LED, with its long lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and low energy cost. We provide step by step lighting to make sure you find your way in the darkest of corridors. Call Us 973-803-2834. Become a Lighting Trendz insider today and get 10% off your first order. From 3000K to 1800K, white light smoothly “warms” the color temperature, providing the soft luminance of halogen lighting while maintaining a high CRI value. Our top-shelf millwork puck lights are a real score. Terms and Conditions of Sale / Warranty. Plus we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest lighting products. (Product). My Lists; 0. Our legacy downlights shine brightly through the years, enduring a multitude of environments and applications. There's no need to be left sitting in the dark. Our Contortionist™ series of hot adjustables twist & turn in ways you’ll need to see to believe. Collingwood Lighting offers the opportunity to register for an extended warranty on all of our LED lighting products marked with our logo, from three years to four, five or seven, dependent on the applicable warranty available. It is commonly caused by dehydration, drug side effects, blood pressure drops, low blood sugar, heart disease, or stroke. Got a Question? Thank you Lightfair for recognition of the hard work and sweat we put into our adjustable cylinders. 1000 - 1800 Lumens. Driven by XICATO modules, premium LED offers reliable, quality light with industry best initial and sustained color consistency. Extended warranties and associated costs are available upon request. Our LED Pipe™ family of cylinders provide Architects and Lighting Designers with limitless lighting solutions. Premium LED. Small lights for small lighting problems. It may help to have a drink of water or orange juice and then lie down. See our Privacy Policy page for more details. Click here to know more about terms, conditions and warranties offered by Lightning Eliminators for lightning protection and prevention services. We'll warm that right up for you.,, No charge backs, charges for labor, or charges for materials will be honored without Prima Lighting’s prior written consent. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ. Accommodates tight spacing.3" & 5" Diameters. By using this site you agree to our cookie policy. Our award-winning LED Pipe™ cylinders are available in a wide range of beautiful colors and textured metallic powder-coated finishes. By using this site you agree to our cookie policy. Warranty Warranty All products, excluding lamps, drivers, ballasts and transformers are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period … ConTech Lighting warrants to its customer and the original end user the LED electronics and components of its properly installed LED products, to be free of defects in material and workmanship, in normal use, for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment by ConTech … When space is limited our Accent and Cabinet lights nestle snuggly into to the crampest of corners. Each Matrix lamp rests in a free-floating cradle, on a dual-axis system with zero lamp cut-off. Downlight, uplight or combined.ADA compliant.3" & 5" Diameters. Sea-Tac Lighting & Controls. Grand Opening! IES Info Brochure Compatible Dimming BRO. Don't Take Our Word For it! By using the Lightheaded brand assets, you agree to follow these guidelines. Our LED Pipe™ family of cylinders provide architects and lighting designers with almost limitless design possibilities. 600 West 41 Ave, Suite 202B, Anchorage AK 99503 USA Our Minimalist™ range of low glare, micro downlights provide superior performance in an incredibly small, sleek package. 65° Tilt from Nadir.350° Rotation.3" Diameter. Minimalist. Ø 2.70" [69mm] Aperture. Our tamper-resistant downlight family, Guardian™, is ideal for hospitals, correctional facilities, schools or anywhere security is a concern. Whether you need to specify just the right lights for your project, or, manufacture a new solution we can help.


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