They pave the way for accepting truly thrilling instruction about God in relation to time and a Christian's life of faith. They are the first positive, solid instructions that Solomon has given about both God and life. Life is a precious gift. All life is a precious gift that should be treasured and protected by the whole world. The Brevity Of Life. God is the Creator and Sustainer of all life. God is “pro-life” and as His faithful, Bible-believing followers, so are we! Life is a precious gift But it can be bittersweet Everyone makes choices Good or bad Life is full of untamed obstacles Not knowing where it will lead you But whatever you do in your life Don't forget our heavenly father Seek him because without Jesus There is no life … Solomon, to this point, describes life … Life is truly a gift from God. In the first book of the Bible – Genesis 1 – we read that … In the immediate context, the thrust of James’ question is to emphasize the brevity of human life … Let us pause a moment and consider the value of the blessing of life.


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