I’ve seen some people complaining about its erratic behavior on the forums, so you should test it out once you get your unit, Lenovo have had issues with finger-sensors in the past and you never know when you’ll draw a short straw with today’s quality-control. Lenovo Yoga C930 Review The Lenovo Yoga C930 combines style, performance and versatility By Phillip Tracy 25 October 2018. It does a fair job for inking and sketching, but is not ideal for taking notes, due to its slight lag, similar to other implementations you’ll find on Windows laptops without specialized digitizers. It also continues to be highly portable--especially for a 14-inch laptop--with a weight of three pounds and a thickness of just 0.57 of an inch. The "Yoga" family name originally signified the ability to rotate the laptop's screen 360 degrees to transform it into a … On the other hand, if you’re looking for a compact productivity laptop with a convertible screen, you’ll also have to consider these other aspects on top of those mentioned above: performance in demanding loads is sacrificed to keep temperatures and noise levels at bay, the keyboard is rather shallow and might not cater to professional typers and you do get two full-bandwidth ThunderBolt 3 ports with this computer, highly useful for hooking up peripherals, but no HDMI or SD-card reader. You wouldn't expect a long-lasting battery in a notebook with a 4K touch screen. August 12, 2019 at 6:14 am. Details below. This year's update includes an excellent speaker system and an inner silo for the included pen, which add to the craftsmanship and overall attention to detail of the series. Another clever hardware change is that the Yoga C930 houses its digital pen in the body of the laptop itself (in the backside next to the hinge/speaker). There’s also a finger-sensor just beneath the arrow-keys, and it’s, unfortunately, the only biometrical option available, as you can’t get IR cameras with this computer. The fans are actually active and audible pretty much all the time, and the outer-shell reaches temperatures in the high 30s, while other thin-and-lights reach similar and even lower temperatures with passive cooling. It’s an active pen that charges when holstered into its dedicated silo and offers 4096-levels of pressure sensitivity, with a simple design, standard shape and plastic tip. Webcam privacy filter. The keys have a short stroke and they just feel shallow to me, with a hard actuation point, so typing fast leads to a fair bit of mistakes. In fact, the Yoga C930 now packs four different speakers, two in the hinge and two more on the bottom, where speakers were usually placed on the previous iterations. It checks a lot of the right boxes, with excellent craftsmanship, great and discrete looks, a fairly good IO, latest hardware specs and pretty good battery life. The connectivity is pretty good. These are not necessarily the loudest laptop speakers out there, but they’re loud enough (about 80 dB at head-level), as well as clear and punchy at all levels. Im Test funktionierte das Display hervorragend und der mitgelieferte Lenovo … Having speakers in that sound-hinge means that you’ll always have at least some of the sound coming straight at you, without bouncing of any surfaces and without distortions, and that makes a big difference for everyday use, when watching movies or listening to music. Your email address will not be published. It's plenty bright, too; keeping the display at full brightness just isn’t necessary much of the time (and will save a lot on battery life).


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