I remember the 184's being really bright...but would love to hear some comparisons from any one who has had a better chance to listen to them both. - Josephson C42 - Peluso P28 - Neumann KM184 - Earthworks SR20 To my ears the C42s were very sweet, clean and detailed. At least add them to your demo list if you are going to be trying before you buy.......... And eight years later.. C42's still rule! Then when it comes to the Josephson C42, you can find glowing reviews that are peppered … Its just a question of using the right tool for the job. I was going to say basically the opposite of prety much anyone else, if you want a little darker get a 184 or a c42 if you want it brighter. Funny to see others using the km184’s used to have such a bad wrap on GS... You need an account to post a reply. I do find that the high end on those can be a little brittle, but on other sound sources that high end is just what was needed. Many people speak of the strident brightness of the Neumann KM184, usually preferring the old KM84 with it's slightly flatter frequency response. The C42s through the A-Designs Pacifica sounded REALLY nice! These were pretty wonderful recording my '47 J45---trying to bring out some sparkle from this VERY dark and woody sounding guitar---http://www.miktekaudio.com/products/c5-small-diaphragm-cardioid-pencil-condenser---great mics---very comparable to KM84 IMO---liked it better than KM184 and 451---but they're all cool mics. I am test driving them but have not had a chance to a/b them against the Neumann KM184's (matched pair). It's up to your player and your ears. You should most definately try them and decide... Fletcher said it right. Hey there! The C-42 had constant self-noise which sounded like loud tape hiss. Didn't like the KM184s much compared to the others. Mic Pair Choice - Josephson C42 or Beyer M160, Already have an account? I agree with tnjazz......check out the Beyerdynamic mc930 pair. Yet, if you have a decent EQ, the KM84's take well to high frequency EQ'ing and you can still have that KM184 sound if you want it, but with richer more controlled lows. Everybody hears things differently, and has a sound in their head that they are trying to recreate. Personally, I like the KM84's much better. check out the. I don't feel like you can real make the KM184 quite sound like the older KM84 though. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This isn't bad in and of itself, but many people compare them. Thanks very much for the replies guys. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. These are the files of unprocessed takes of the 3 microphones (DPA 4011, Josephson C42, Neumann KM184) from the Youtube video posted by Soundria to the Test Drive series They seem like companies that are less of a hit and miss than some others that have huge extensive mic lines. I heard its closer to the original KM84, is that right?? I did the same thing a few years ago: bought a set of C42 for less than what I could sell my KM184's for and was a happy camper. Thanks! I'm kind of confused. With all of the mics available nowadays I wonder if anyone has tried to come up with a clone of the KM84. This is one of those places where "sense of aesthetic" is most obvious... one man's "bright" is another man's "harsh"... one man's "air" is another man's "bright"... and yeah, the output of the KM-184 can just about be measured in horsepower... but I've never experienced an unacceptable noise floor with the C-42. I absolutely LOVED them for room mics on guitar amps. I'll take a look at the sm81's and the km84's. I think the C42s are a better deal. A bit light in the low end, but they had a lovely, airy top end. One of the big problems I see with the KM184's though is that they are so different than the KM84's. The 84 may be just the sound that I'm hunting for. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. I own the C42s and love them, but when I tested them against the 184 the 184 was definitely darker. (0 members and 1 guests). Hope that all made sense, I am still on my second cup of coffee this morning. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, I've been looking at getting a pair of one of these mic's for overhead's, acoustics, piano's etc. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and Reverb.com listings for free. A surprisingly capable set of SDC mics IMHO. Those mics were nice. I agree with Richie about the KM184's often being underrated. KM184's or Josephson c42's. Wanting to know your oppinions on them. Then when it comes to the Josephson C42, you can find glowing reviews that are peppered with adjectives like airy, natural, and "best buy". I'd be interested how the M300 compares to the KM184. They had a much warmer, smoother more natural sound. I liked the P28s but to me the C42s had a sweet quality to the tone but very detailed and full. Yet, when looking at the frequency charts of both mics, the C42 appears that it would be a little brighter than the KM184. Recording with tablets & smartphones (iOS & Android), If this is your first visit, be sure to Also if you have suggestions on others you feel are better in a similar price range please let me know. Though for me, I came to the exact opposite conclusion based upon what I was looking for. I love these Josephson C42 (matched pair) mics! I also think though that Schoeps and Earthworks have really done well with only releasing incredible mics. I've been looking at getting a pair of one of ... Neumann KM184s (which I own) Neumann KM84s Josephson C42s AKG ... in my space, the KM-184 was smoother in the top end, and MUCH less noisy. Didn't have any noise issues with my c42s. I'm kind of confused. Not too forward in the upper mids. Many people speak of the strident brightness of the Neumann KM184, usually preferring the old KM84 with it's slightly flatter frequency response. Which you feel is a better all around mic. They were also nice as spot mics on cymbals. That being said, they were very similar sounding mics.


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