Sign in. They are a mysterious organization that exterminates the "Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures" and believes that Humanity is an "evolutionary dead end" and must harness the power of Mitochondria to quickly suppress this dead end. with the gift of evolution. Aya herself is a rather tragic figure. ~ Kyle Madigan to Aya Brea. This gives her a unique appearance as she boasts many Asian facial features, such as the shape of her face and … However though Aya seemed to be dead she survived the ray, by uploading her systems into a disabled Manhunter and eventually caught up to the Interceptor. She is of mixed ethnicity; Her father (name unrevealed), who is a journalist, was white, while her mother, Mariko, was Japanese. The character first appears in the 1998 role-playing video game Parasite Eve. Upon her return, she was met with a joyous reception by Hal and Kilowog. The game revolves around Aya’s relationship with the mysterious Eve. Aya Brea is the central character and main protagonist of the Parasite Eve video game series developed by Square Enix (formerly Square). Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Aya is an excellent example of an unconventional protagonist. The organization are the unseen overarching antagonists of Parasite Eve II . Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. In the game, she is a rookie 25-year-old police NYPD officer whose life changes when a date at the Opera Tonight (tonight being Christmas Eve 1997) goes horribly wrong. Wiz: The zombie apocalypse is something everyone is wating to happen. Watch Queue Queue Aya is the star of the game, blessed (or cursed?) (Mariko was also the name of a character in the novel/film version of Parasite Eve.) Boomstick: And who couldnt blame them but the only problem is that it seems to happen when you least expect it Wiz: Thats what happened to new college rookie Aya Brea who was done with school and now looking to stop some people Aya Brea liberates Death Battle. But Parasite Eve didn’t let her become a Mary Sue, either. Aya Brea hails from the game Parasite Eve, a heralded game released after FFVII during the peak of Square’s popularity. Aya Brea was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 20th November 1972. Decades before the “female or minority” inquisition came along, she was a Japanese American protagonist. Hal asked her to help coordinate with Ysmault's defenses, to which Aya complied but first wanted assistance from Razer.


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