Break up the reading into smaller sections. Don't leave your college application to chance. To use context clues, you can focus on the key phrases or ideas in a sentence and deduce the main idea of a sentence or paragraph based on this information. If you are reading longer or more challenging text, consider breaking it up into smaller sections. Be patient with yourself, work through your reading comprehension steps, and try not to get frustrated with yourself if you feel your progress is slow or if you feel you're "falling behind." In order to read any text, your brain must process not only the literal words of the piece, but also their relationship with one another, the context behind the words, how subtle language and vocabulary usage can impact emotion and meaning behind the text, and how the text comes together as a larger, coherent whole. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? If you have a friend who hasn't read the text in question, then explain it to them in your own words, and discuss where you feel your comprehension is lacking. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(360031, 'f5dee168-f9c2-4350-a076-d1efccba5ba2', {}); Proper reading comprehension can be difficult, so why bother? Improving reading comprehension takes time and effort, but it can be done. If you finish a sentence or paragraph and realize that you don’t understand what it was trying to convey, take the time to re-read it until you do. When reading, pause every few paragraphs and see if you can decipher what the main idea is. Start easier, start smaller and slower, and then gradually increase the difficulty. In just a few short words, Austen conveys several ideas to the reader about one of the main themes of the story, the setting, and what the culture and people are like. Knowing what the words you are reading mean can improve your ability to comprehend the meaning of the text. Have any questions about this article or other topics? Having strong reading abilities can enable you to interpret and find meaning in everything you read, and when you continuously improve these skills, you can develop your ability to communicate effectively through writing. Get professional help from PrepScholar. Reading comprehension is the understanding of what a particular text means and the ideas the author is attempting to convey, both textual and subtextual. Instead of starting with books or other text that you find challenging, read something that is comfortable and that you can easily comprehend. Just stop. Even if no one else is in the room, trying to teach or discuss what a passage says or means with "someone else" can be extremely beneficial. Sometimes it can make the most sense to read (or re-read) a text out of order. Then, try to put the main idea in your own words for even further understanding. Annotate your reading. Sometimes a current confusion in a work will be explained later on in the text, and it can help you to know that explanations are upcoming or even just to read them ahead of time. You will utilize your reading skills throughout your life, so go at a pace that works for you, and take care to maintain that balance between reading for pure pleasure and reading for dedicated improvement. Improving your vocabulary and increasing the amount of time you spend reading overall will help you to improve your reading comprehension over time, but what do you do to help you to comprehend a particular piece of text? Now, without re-reading, summarize aloud or in your head what you've comprehended so far (before the place where you became confused). What kind of relationship do these two characters share? Problems with procrastination? Whether as part of your reading practice or just for fun, check out our picks for the 31 best books to read in high school. Because reading comprehension is a skill that improves like any other, you can improve your understanding with practice and a game plan. Dedicate yourself to engaging in a combination of both "guided" and "relaxed" reading practice for at least two to three hours a week. To gain meaning from text and encourage reading comprehension, your child needs to read quickly and smoothly — a skill known as fluency. So skip forward or backwards, re-read or read ahead as you need to, take the piece in whatever order you need to in order to make sense of the text. Use a pacer like a pen or your finger—as a focal point to draw your eye across the line or down the page. help you get that 4.0 you're striving for, Reading, understanding, and analyzing literature in your English classes, Reading and understanding texts from your other class subjects, such as history, math, or science, Understanding and engaging with current events presented in written form, such as news reports, Properly understanding and responding to any and all other workplace correspondence, such as essays, reports, memos, and analyses, Simply taking pleasure in written work on your own leisure time. A pacer … When reading—even if it’s a simple email—eliminate distractions and focus solely on the text. Using context clues is a great way to understand what you are reading even if you don’t know all the vocabulary being used. You might need to stop choosing very difficult books, and start choosing the right books for your skill level. A Comprehensive Guide. So don't feel you have to read just like anyone else if "typical" methods don't work for you. The more you're able to re-contextualize the work in your own words, the better you'll be able to understand it and lock the information in your mind as you keep reading. As you read, make sure to keep a running list of words you don't readily recognize and make yourself a set of flashcards with the words and their definitions. Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements. Begin by reading for your maximum amount of focused time (in this case, twenty minutes), then give yourself a break. Try to read more slowly the second time around and look up definitions for any words you don’t know the meaning of. Or we might just find our brains spinning with no clue at all as to what a text is attempting to convey. When you are distracted, your ability to comprehend what you are reading is negatively impacted.


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