Apart from that, you can make it work in spaces as little as 10 inches in diameter. But despite being so popular and so practical, oregano is not easy to find. Either way, it lasts a long time, often up to a decade. The leaves are what you’ll later use for drying or cooking. Here, we recommend making a small bunch and tie it up with wool thread or strand. These don’t produce the same smell or taste, which makes them useless. Both types of oregano are perennial. Continue until 5 layers maximum is created. This is especially true if the oregano is young. Just dry it up or use fresh, and it will work wonders either way. It is not a dry or cold herb. It is not a dry or cold herb. And dark because it prevents the oregano from heating up, which could cause it to blob and get bad too fast. If you have a perennial patch, watch for it to be ready to harvest in early June. Once you cut the oregano, you may need to, it down to keep growing well. While plastic or metal could do the job well, glass contains the smell and flavor well enough for later use. Arrange in a single layer on the parchment paper. Called the “joy of the mountain” by the Greeks, it is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular herbs. Oils infused with oregano flowers are decorative as well as tasty. If you trim it down, oregano grows back every year without problems. They also start crumbling into pieces. But there are certain factors you may not consider storing oregano that will ensure intact taste and smell. You should make sure it grows in. Once you cut the oregano, you may need to trim it down to keep growing well. Fresh oregano will eventually turn gray and unusable if you don’t dry it up. Please see our disclosure policy for more details. But it is essential to do it before flowers start to grow, as flowers begin to consume some of the nutrients and take away the herb’s smell & taste. 4. You should use about 4 to 8 stems per bunch. Below, we tell you how to do it without fuss: It is advised to cut oregano when it is 4 inches tall, at least. Remove any dried or browned leaves from your stalks. Then, you only need to wait a few weeks until it starts to sprout into a beautiful smelly and tasty herb. Instead, strip all the leaves out of the hems and store those only. Leave the stems behind. You should make sure it grows in soils of no less than 70 degrees and no more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need some help with that, then this guide will come like a charm. As so, let’s give you a heads up on how to grow it! When cutting the oregano, it’s heavily recommended only to cut the leaves off. oregano when it is 4 inches tall, at least. Below, we’ll teach you how. Below, we explain to them both. Hanging Method; As simple as it sounds, you only need to leave the oregano to dry. How to Dry Oregano? It’s best to harvest these leaves in the morning, but not too early: the ideal time to pick oregano is when the dew has dried, but before the sun has reached its peak at midday. This process will take a few minutes. And what’s even better, it grows in less than a year to a full-grown plant you can use. And if that wasn’t enough, it is a worthwhile companion plant, so it grows healthily alongside other herbs, Even though oregano is pretty tough, it needs ideal sun exposure (full day if possible), warmth, and constant water in well-drained, . Place another parchment paper over this first layer. The leaves should come right off the hem with a bit of stripping. Sampling the flowers before using them gives a better idea on how much to use in each dish. Not many people know why oregano is such an exciting plant to grow. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. Before drying, wash every leave and stem adequately. Submerge the stems for a few seconds in the water, so the dirtiness and dead leaves fall off. It will be ready to be used fresh or put to dry later on. Growing oregano is a no-brainer. However, there are two methods to follow. So, did you learn how to get the most out of this fantastic plant? That’s why we recommend learning how to harvest oregano and dry it up. This process is reasonably straightforward, as well. All rights reserved 2020 © Treillage Online, But despite being so popular and so practical, oregano is not easy to find. , make sure it thrives on a container first. Place a perforated paper bag around the herbs to catch the bits of leaves as they fall and to keep dirt and dust off. A humid area could make the oregano harder to use, grow mold, or eventually lose its taste. Otherwise, you may end up killing it.


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