The Harmonic Minor Scales.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. More specifically, we’ll look at the triads and seventh chords. We’ll also look at a cool application of these chords and how they relate to the Harmonic Minor’s modes. Harmonic Minor Positions on Guitar This lesson is a continuation from the harmonic minor scale lesson. Here’s a PDF and an mp3 of all the melodic minor scales and the modes. We've learned the basics of the scale, now it's time to learn harmonic minor positions across the entire fretboard so we can create one, large "unboxed" pattern. In this article, we’ll discuss the chords of the Harmonic Minor Scale! The progression is A-7b5, D7b9, G-6, E-7b5. Here are two recommended guitar positions to play the harmonic minor scale. scales, the harmonic minor and melodic minor, which are not represented by any of these modes.) This table emphasizes the point that each mode can be determined by starting on a successive note of the C major scale (white keys only). As always you can download the examples as a PDF here: 4th mode Harmonic Minor. Inspired by my Chords of the Melodic Minor Scale article, I would like to present chords based on harmonizing other heptatonic scales. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to leave them here or on the video. Harmonic Major modes over 2-5-1 in Minor. The Harmonic Minor scale has modes just like the major scale; however,because of the unusual intervallic structure of theHarmonic Minor scale,the resulting modes have different functions than the Major modes,and can create some very exotic sounds. PDF format with tabs, audio files and analysis. Guitar Walking Bass Lines. We are already familiar with the Modes of the Major Scale, but we can create modes from any pre-existing scale.In Jazz, the modes of the melodic minor scale are very widely used. Introduction. I made a call on the en-harmonic spellings in the various keys in an attempt to make each mode easier on it’s own. I hope that you liked the lesson. As we have already learned, a Mode is a scale created by establishing a new root note within a pre-existing scale. I’ve been working on using the 7 modes of Harmonic Major over various chords as alternate scale choices. The example below uses two scales over a minor 2 – 5 – 1 – 6 progression. You can play along with or sing along to the mp3 for ear training and to help you hear if and when you are making a mistake in a scale or mode ~Enjoy!. This package contains 120 jazz guitar lines based on diatonic modes as Mixolydian, Dorian and Ionian.


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