ORDER NOW. When an unmarked bottle of Bud Light was tested, both the beer alcolyzer system and the gas chromatography method were highly precise, possibly because its higher alcohol content is easier to detect with higher detection limits. First, the length of time the brew is fermented will dictate the alcohol content. Search Contact Us Newsletter. Contact. GT’s SYNERGY is bright and effervescent raw Kombucha fermented to probiotic perfection. GT’s AQUA KEFIR is a lightly sparkling, non-dairy cultured drink for delicious digestive health. Floyd's BAC when he woke up was .055. ALWAYS CULTURED. For comparison, a light beer has around 4.2%. Facts courtesy of GT's Kombucha. ORDER NOW. 1. Why does how it’s produced and by whom matter? Keeping your kombucha properly refrigerated until you drink it will help ensure the alcohol remains stable (because once the kombucha gets warm, those gut-friendly probiotics get active again and fermentation will continue). Brewed with 100% organic and raw ingredients to inspire a synergy of mind, body, and soul. Treat yourself to this tasty trifecta! Combining a bright blend of tart Lemon, tangy Raspberry, and spicy Ginger, Trilogy will help you to maintain flow and feel refreshed – mind, body, and soul. Find your perfect flavor of GT’s Kombucha ! NEVER COMPROMISED. Let's assume that GT Synergy is 2 percent ABV. Homebrewers don’t always understand how the fermentation process works. Freshness Guarantee We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of this product, and that it … Some say kombucha tea is good for your health, but the government says some kombucha products have too much alcohol. AQUA KEFIR. But while this organic, raw kombucha is an ideal aperitif for fans of the fermented drink, newbies may take a while to warm up to it. Because the limit for alcohol content in non-alcoholic kombucha is so low at 0.5%, it is imperative that the testing is done accurately and precisely. At 225 pounds and having consumed the kombucha over the course of … Kombucha alcohol content is lower than 0.5% ABV because by law non-alcoholic beverages must be below this limit. I've been undergoing random drug and alcohol testing for the past 14 months and have been a routine kombucha drinker since long before and during … Press J to jump to the feed. Subscribe. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. User account menu. GT's Synergy Trilogy kombucha caused a positive urine analysis test for alcohol. Home-brewed kombucha often has the highest levels of alcohol, up to 3%, in fact. GT's Enlightened Synergy line of kombucha drinks offers a variety of flavors, including Pink Lady Apple, Cosmic Cranberry, and tried-and-true Gingerberry. Now it's time for some math. WebMD explains the issue as well as what's in kombucha … Log In Sign Up. WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic … Sounds yummy, right?


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