Thanks and enjoyed this site for a great read. I know the mother’s hoots from over five years of listening. I have taken lots of photos and I am fascinated with these birds. I am fortunate to have a horned owl roosting in my tree here in San Tan Valley Arizona my question is it’ll Roost there for about a week and then I won’t see him roosting in the tree for 3 or 4 days and then he is back for a week. We have had a pair of Great Horned Owls living on our farm for longer than 15 years. But back to the owls. I bought one of those 48 inch kid pools, filled it half full and the owls used it frequently in the mornings. Hi Matt. I liked this. Here in Scottsdale AZ we’ve been fortunate to see two seasons of newborns. This is BirdNote. We have had a pair of great horned owls on our farm for over 20 years. It was very kool…they actually answered…. It was wonderful! Turns out we came on the scene later in the courtship and are now entertained by the juveniles. I call him Waldo as he blends in so perfectly with the tree bark, the only way to spot him is to catch a glimpse of his tufted ears. P.O. The owls adapted to the new nest, the young all grew up. [Sound of Great Horned Owl hooting] This night-time hooter is the Great Horned Owl, often heard during dark winter evenings and pre-dawn mornings. Then he flew even closer as I remained still. At first I thought it might be some type of frog…I wanted to know if you think it could be an owl. I read where the mother owl doesnt do much to make a nest and one of the babies fell out and my next door neighbor got his extendion ladder and with gloves and a box he carefully put it back in the nest while mama was gone. I have been enjoying hearing what I believe to be, great horned owls the last two weeks, early in the morning. Again this article has given me great comfort tonight – my dog of 16 years moved on this evening. This year around January 2016 WD started to hear the lovely songs of a owl hooting. The a neibor started mowing and mom move away. Because it takes so long for youngsters to learn the skills that will allow them to survive on their own. Nesting early naturally entails some risk. I will be forlorn when they are no longer around, as I “check” on them several times a day. Maybe I should suggest that owls prey primarily on house cats?! 64 feet high the hawks continued refurbishing their nest it’s the middle of March I don’t think they are coming back this year,I’ve noticed on the camera a great horned Owl comes into the nest in the early morning hours an hoots an stays 15-20 minutes then flys away.Is it possible the owl may be using the hawk nest this year to raise a family this year? I haven’t found their nest yet. A few nights ago, they called for a long time, over an hour, and before sunrise. Flying squirrels soar to new sites as fast as they can, fearful of the big owls. For several weeks my birder friend and I observed them in a tree across an open area from my house. Thanks for your comment. Can you pick it out? There’s likely a great horned owl territory near you. We had a Great horn nest in one of tall trees , We watched and took photo, w Then crow came and the atom mom keep leading them away from nest. Thank you for the question! It’s also incredibly adaptable, found from Canada to Patagonia, and most places in between. Wonderful article. Lots of hooing last couple of weeks again. My friends just don’t get it. And thank you for the information in your article. I had thought they must be mating, but the time of year is wrong, isn’t it? Every day they showed themselves just before sunset. Even in this popular park, the owl family remained unseen by most who walked under their tree, unaware of these predators in their midst. The night after my mother died, 1.2.06, about 2AM, I got up to go out to the barn to open a gate for a horse that was locked in a stall. Thus, Great Horned Owls each have a separate duty when raising a brood of owlets. I’ve heard them by my home in Sayville, NY.. LOL. So, I guess she is nesting. I have had Great Horned Owls nesting in the woods behind my house for the past 7 or more years. Wonderful story. It was big and it lade across the nest. They sit above near by roofs and hoot to each other. The dimmed outdoor house light over my shoulder provided just enough light to make out his beautiful feathers and intelligent eyes. We have 3 large great horned owls that perch during the night on the top of a few telephone poles. I need one of your photos for the cover art of my book. They will sometimes just sit in the trees around our yard and watch me as I come and go. St. Paul, MN 55107. She is fascinated by the owls’ hooting but intolerant of hawks, roaming house cats, etc. I think your best option is to look for a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation center in your area and call them for advice. Those haunting hoots carry a long way. They left these woods after several weeks, but others spotted them at dusk within the park through much of the summer. Don a winter cap and head out to your local park or walking trail to enjoy one of the season’s coolest spectacles. In January I always listen for the males booming hooting calls and then the female hooting back.These are owls that will kill and eat almost prey bigger than they are.I hunted Jack rabbits with a large female for a season and then released her back to the wild.I love these birds for the noble presence and fierce attitude they have..You can hear them calling in the breeding season while in the forest or parks near you, cemeteries are also a great place to see them. Can I use this photo? I came across your article while researching owls in georgia to increase my knowledge level of the beautiful bird. How can they ever do it? Rick and Cecilia , brighton , Colorado. The male’s call is slightly lower in pitch. I love nature. Fantastic story and what a gift for your son to read some day , Awesome article. Hi Matt… I can’t agree more the comfort it brings is wormth. I don’t remember this kind of frequency before. Great Horned Owls initiate nesting in winter — in January or February in your neck of the woods. I have heard them during the night and in the morning before sunrise.


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