Not only does genetic engineering allows us to transfer desirable genetic traits directly without resorting to the use of trial and errors, but we can expand our possibilities of transferring genes from virtually any organism to a completely different organism. GMO Research offers an added value to your online membership. By connecting our online research platform into your online membership, your members will benefit the option to grant points by answering to online research. Research Paper: Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically modified organisms, otherwise referred to as GMOs, is a highly debated and researched topic throughout the world, however, highly prevalent in the United States today. Works cited can be found here:, A five page research paper that gives a brief history of GMOs. Instead, imagine the endless possibilities in our agriculture and resources that GMOs can bring across the globe. that allows access to our multi-panel and multi-country online panel network - Asia Cloud Panel. To support the previous statement, he mentions the genetically modified cassava plant, a starchy root that is normally eaten in tropical Africa, can offer its consumers enhanced minerals, vitamin A, and protein as oppose to their genetically modified counterparts (Goldbas). In response, although the experiment did produce alarming results, there were a few inconsistencies throughout the experiment that may have skewed Seralini’s data. View Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Research Papers on for free. Furthermore, as stated in the article from Medical Surgical Nursing, some of the benefits are not limited to an elimination of natural allergens found in certain agricultural products, improving the shelf life of food, enhancing taste, and becoming ingredients to help develop edible vaccines and pharmaceuticals (Lessick et. Valid scientific evidence is lacking as to whether GMOs are healthy or unhealthy in the long run. The government or FDA should regulate whether these are safe to eat or put in the kitchen. Protected by Akismet | In fact, about approximately 75%-80% of all genetically modified ingredients are present in processed foods (Imhoff). According to the New York Times, about approximately 90 percent of scientists believe that GMOs are safe, while on the hand, only a third of all consumers can agree (Brody). As a result, this may have fueled the unnecessary fear of GMOs’ impact on human health. On the contrary, however, one excellent criticism on genetically modified foods is that since the inception of genetic engineering, we may not know the long-term effects of genetically modified organisms even though we already know that nothing has happened so far. In response, however, it seems absurd and unnecessary to be cautious of the potential long-term effects of GMOs since the basic concept of genetically modifying our organisms have been going on for centuries through the use of cross breeding similar species or cross pollination of similar plants. Currently, the rate of increase in crop-yield is less than 1.7% whereas the annual increase in yield needs to be 2.4% to meet the demands of population growth, improved nutritional standards and decreasing arability (see below) [12]. Scientists leave the lab to defend bioengineered food. A few weeks ago, like thousands of other scientists around the globe have done before, I stood up in front of a public audience and “defended” my PhD thesis to a jury of senior scientists. May 17, 2018. (n.d.). Works cited can be found here: Lessick, M., Keithley, J., Swanson, B., & Lemon, B. Learn More . Perhaps, we need to conduct more studies to confirm, but as of present day, the potential benefits of GMOs along with the current observation the people are consuming GMOs without any concrete problem is promising to confirm their safety and worth. A five page research paper that gives a brief history of GMOs. MedSurg Nursing, 242+. al). The perils of GMO research: a scientist speaks out By Devang Mehta. al). Another example would be the non-GMO Project, a popular non-profit organization that are dedicated to promoting a non-GMO food supply, that supports a study on the “GMOs Myths and Truths” created by 3 leading researchers at Earth Open Source (non-GMO Project). As demonstrated, GMOs can provide a new influx of solutions to address any of our problems and make what we already have even better. On the contrary, genetic engineering eliminates some of the setbacks of traditional breeding. Anything that is not natural has to be something that is off. Since its inception in 1973 (Goldbas), the use of genetic engineering brought us an increase in crop yields, increased our food supply, and enabled us to become more flexible in our resources in respect to climate change. Trying to Hold Back the Onslaught of Genetically Modified Foods-Or at Least Slap Them with a Label. Even when the sources are utilizing their rhetoric in a professional fashion when describing their stance on going against GMOs, the words “unnatural” to describe the process of genetic engineering can instill a feeling of uneasiness in their audience. Golden rice that is enriched with Vitamin A and are a few other examples that can be enriched with more nutritious content. Study links genetically modified corn to rat tumors. Investment insights and perspectives GMO Quarterly Letter GMO 7-Year Asset Class Forecast In addition, the non-GMO Project is considered America’s third party verification source for GMOs (non-GMO Project). Works cited can be found here:…, 50% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful, 50% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful. PDF | On Jul 27, 2013, Jai Godheja published Impact of GMO'S on environment and human health | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Furthermore, along with the promising fact that the entire globe are consuming GMOs without any issue may be the one step forward to end the controversy of GMOs impact on human health. Aside from understanding that there may be no health risks with regards to GMOs as confirmed by many scientists and their various studies, there are proven benefits that counters the fears that comes along with it. Retrieved October 16, 2018. Contents. Retrieved October 10, 2018, from, Clearly, there is a disconnection between the scientific community and the general public. This is a daunting task, which seems only achievable by means of optimization of crop genetics coupled with quantitative improvements in mana… Furthermore, this is only possible with species that are closely related (Lessick et. This is why various organizations such as the non-GMO Project and the Organic Consumers Association are dedicated to protecting the people’s health such as providing information on possible detrimental effects of GMOs. The Controversy of Genetically Modified Foods on Human Health. In addition, as she is directly attacking one of the largest biotechnological companies, she claimed that Monsanto had a twisted view of human ethics (Reynolds). You can always change your mind by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at … A second reason to why GMOs are safe for consumption is because the majority of scientists believe that GMOs are safe to eat despite the distinct portion of the public being suspicious over GMOs. Thus, this can help to reduce weakened immune systems, childhood blindness, and iron deficiency anemia (Goldbas). Words: 1589 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 85457329. GMO producers also feel that this would give consumers the impression that GMOs are unhealthy or unsafe and that non-GMO crops are preferred (aab & Grobe, 2003). From an article, “Genetically Modified Foods: A Taste of the Future,” the author describes how we have always had the capability to manipulate the genes of various species in our agriculture for a long period of time (Lessick et. (¤tPosition=8&docId=GALE%7CA378248863&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=AONE&contentSet=GALE%7CA378248863&searchId=R32&userGroupName=cuny_ccny&inPS=true). Therefore, it may be necessary to be alarmed about what GMOs could potentially cause.


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