Partial to full sun. Cryptomeria, also known as Japanese Cedar, is quickly becoming a very stylish tree whose use is increasing in a variety of landscapes across the country. Tough, trouble free & resistant to grazing animals. [ More Info] Zone: Height: Spread: 5 25 -40 ft 10 -15 ft Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino' Yoshino Cryptomeria. Large fast growing evergreen tree that is frequently used in screen plantings. Starting at $24.95 35. Their ornamental value and popularity are on the rise. Long used as a timber / lumber tree in Japan, there are now numerous cultivars of Cryptomeria available that are truly a sight to behold. Cryptomeria japonica 'Radicans' Sku #2880. Water Needs. Shop for sale online, Free Shipping over $125! Blue-green foliage clothes this beautiful specimen or hedge. Family: Taxodiaceae Common Name: Japanese Cedar or Sugi Native: China and Japan Foliage: Evergreen, awl-shaped, spirally arranged; 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, curving inward toward twig; green (may be bronze or brown in winter), persistent for several years. Mature heights of the radicans grow 30 to 40 feet tall sometimes up to 50 feet and 15-20 feet wide. It can grow up to 3-4 feet per year. Cryptomeria Black Dragon trees are known for their unique, dark, evergreen foliage and natural layered branches. A tall, lofty, pyramidal tree with a stout trunk. Light Needs. Cryptomeria japonica 'Birodo' Short, erect, green needles, like the points of a star, cover the tight branches of this slow-growing, dense mound. Evergreen Trees. Plant in groupings to form a stately grove. EARTH DAY SALE. Home. The Radicans … Radicans Cryptomeria. Fast growing Japanese Cedar with dark evergreen foliage and pyramidal habit. The Cryptomeria Radicans growth rate reaches 12 to 16 feet tall within 5 years of planting. NJPlantsandtrees Cryptomeria Japanese Cedar - aka Cryptomeria Japonica 'Yoshino' The Japanese Cedar is typically used as a windbreak, buffer, or screen It provides an alternative to a Leyland Cypress when used as an Evergreen screening tree It requires little to no pruning, and it looks best without much pruning The Japanese Cedar was a Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Gold Medal Evergreen. Cryptomeria Radicans. Light Needs. Foliage retains its rich color throughout winter without bronzing. Growing Zones: 5-9 Up to 14% off. Cryptomeria 'Globosa Nana' Shrub. Growth Rate Fast, 1 - 3 Ft per year Mature Height 20 - 30 Ft in height and 12 - 20 Ft in width Sun Preference Full to most sun… As cold weather sets in, the foliage gradually changes to a rich, bronzy purple for winter. Up to 42% off. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items. Cryptomeria Trees. This plant grows best in sun [ More Info] Facts: Cryptomeria. Cryptomeria Care. Cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino") is a fast growing coniferous evergreen tree which makes and an effective screen or grouping. Cryptomeria Trees.


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