A Show of Strength and Skill. Female birds invest a great deal of energy in forming and laying eggs and incubating them so it is important that she chooses a mate who will give her healthy chicks. The mating season of these birds starts in the spring. The hummingbird’s courtship dance is just that—amazing. [Perch Pivot] First up is the “perch pivot”. Courtship behaviours, such as songs, displays, and dances, are a way for birds to show off their strength, health, and ability to produce offspring. Here are 10 such birds with unusual courtship rituals. The ballet of great crested grebes is one of the best courting dance among the birds. The purpose of courtship rituals is obvious; to attract a mate. It’s called a pivot because the male is pivoting back and forth from side to side, left to right. Especially for this series Sinke & van Tongeren collected a special series of birds with some extraordinary features. All birds do it, but some will just make do with the simple songs and calls for which birds are famous, and maybe a little head bobbing or ruffling of feathers to make it a bit more of a show. With up to six different dance moves, Carola’s parotia is the undisputed king of the dance. On this page are ten of the most colourful, the most bizarre, the most touching and in some cases the most comic displays of courtship in the bird world, as male birds strain every sinew in their bodies in their urge to procreate. These works can be described as gracious, voluptuous or theatrical. The courtship rituals of birds include some of the most spectacular sights on Earth. Take an intimate look into the crazy courtship of these barmy birds. Birds have some of the most elaborate courtship rituals of any animal. Stills from a Courtship Dance is a series of Fine Taxidermy works with smaller exotic (rare) birds that suddenly seemed frozen during the lascivious work put into their mating dance. While each species dances during courtship, none has a set of moves as complex and extensive as Carola’s parotia. A COURTSHIP DANCE. During this time and while floating on a lake, male gerbes will send out a mating call. View image of Great bowerbird bower (credit: Tim Laman / naturepl.com) A great … When it receives a reply, it will dive and resurface near the one who answered its call. Often referred to as the ‘insect bird’ because of the speed of their beating wings and skill at hovering, these are the very traits that help the hummingbird pull off one of the most dazzling courtship dances in the bird world. In some parts of the world however, it's different. Why do birds dance? Here’s what he does.


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