This also serves as a Decanter. When providing pondage, tailrace condition should be such that floods do not raise the tailrace water level, thus reducing the head on the plant and impairing its effective­ness. Classification of Hydroelectric power plant. Turbines are usually custom made according to the needs of the Hydro Electric Power Plant. Those plants which do not regulate hydro-graph of the river by one or more seasons. The main objec­tive of such plants is to use whatever flow is available for generation of energy and thus save coal that otherwise be necessary for the steam plants. Hydroelectric Power has been a significant source of energy across the globe since a long time. agencies related to hydropower. Copyright 10. They are the storage tank which taps the river water which goes to the Turbine through the Penstock. It helps in generating revenue as the location of the Plant creates a tourist spot. 7 – Operation of Hydroelectric Power Plant. Grand Coulee of reservoir plants. Classification According to Availability of Water Head C. Classification According to Type of Load Supplied D. Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plants Based on Installed Capacity. A typical low head installation on a river consists essentially of a dam across the stream to back up the river and create a fall, the water flowing through the turbines and remerging  the river below the dam. This creates a disturbance. They are usually relied on the monitor, the control system and the improvement conditions to the smooth operation of the plant. Fig. The facility is placed where there is connectivity directly to the river or pond. Please enter your email address. [gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false" ajax="true"]. The classification of Hydroelectric Power Plant is done with various criteria. The hydraulic systems are in charge of opening and closing the pen-stock gates. The demand for the electricity is never on a decline. Content Filtration 6. The development cost of this plant is cheaper compared to the full time plant. Pelton wheel turbine is the prime mover used. 6 7. Pondage refers to storage at the plant which makes it possi­ble to cope, hour to hour, with fluctuations of load through­out a week or some longer period depending on the size of pondage. (c) Pumped Storage Plants for the Peak Load: This is a unique design of peak load plant. The valve house consists of main sluice valves and automatic isolating valves, which operate on bursting of penstock and cut off further supply of water to penstock. She is an author, editor and partner at Electricalfundablog. Either by the storage capacity and the water flow or through the technologies applied. Some hydro power plants are so located that the water is taken from the river directly, and no pondage or storage is possible. 5 – Working of Medium Head Power Plant. Since for given output, large quantity of water is required, head being low, therefore pipes of large diameter and short length are required in low head plants. Chapter Two Classification of Hydroelectric Power Plants 2. A tremendous amount of energy is stored in the earth in this process. The returns on the cost invested on the dams can only be got after a long time. classification of hydropower plants. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. During floods, the tail water level may become excessive rendering the plant inoperative. Supply of electric power is maintained consistently. However, the consumption changes during the day and the night with the use of electricity. The most common type of hydroelectric power plant is an impoundment facility. It can also be used on any portion of the load curve in a grid system. Genera­tors employed in such plants are of low speed and large diameter. (b) Medium Head Hydroelectric Power Plants: In these power plants, the river water is usually tapped off to a forebay on one bank of the river as in case of a low head plant. Water has been a main source of power from thousands of years. For heads above 500 m Pelton wheels are used while for lower heads Francis turbines are employed. Load factor of such plants is low. Pelton turbine is used as prime mover in such power plants. According to availability of water head the hydroelectric power plants may be classified into: Though there is no definite line of demarcation for low, medium and high heads but the head below 30 metres is considered low head, the head above 30 metres and below 300 metres is considered as medium head and above 300 metres is considered as high head. Let us go through both the criteria. If the pondage is enough, a large portion of the load can be supplied by such a plant if and when required. Dam’s create a kind of disturbance with neighboring states or countries which connects the rivers. Hydropower along with thermal power. The Forebay serves as a surge tank. With enough pondage, the firm capacity of the power plant is increased. During high flow periods these plants may be used as base load and during lean flow periods these plants may be used to supply peak loads only. The longevity of the dams is high which helps in generating electricity at lower cost. Run-off river plants without pondage and reservoir plants are used as base load plants. These types of Power Plants save the conservation of coal. Hydroelectric Power Plant is classified based on: 1. The constructions of dams are very expensive since it’s in a large scale and has to be well protected. In 1879, the first commercial Hydroelectric Power Plant was built at Niagara Falls. With all the water processing taking place, there is a Filtering system which ensures a clean and relatively free of suspended solids which could damage the Turbine’s blades. Peak load plants have large seasonal storage. The water level is directed to the Turbine through the Penstock. 6 – Working of High Head Power Plant. In 2012, hydroelectric power plants contributed about 16% of total electricity generation of the world.Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy. The main concept is that the reservoir stores the water (fuel) and under controlled conditions, the water is fed as input to the Turbines. From the forebay the water is led to the turbines through penstocks.


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