Box beam dimensions can typically be provided up to 10″x10″ and up to 35′ without a seam. Structural Studs. We typically produce our “Sanded Douglas Fir Box Beams” from our reclaimed Douglas fir planking – making it one of the more economical options for our box beams. No Simpson connectors to buy. However, if you have a lower ceiling and you still want to put up beams, you could use a 1×4 instead a 1×6 for the side pieces, giving you a shallower beam. They can also be used as an alternative to solid beams in applications precluding the use of the heavier solid beams. One half the weight of wood. Beams are a great way to add some visual interest to a room. An alternative to solid beams are box beams. If you don’t have a framing nail gun, you can use a drill and wood screws. In this article, I’m going to show you how we did it. For customers looking to create these box beams themselves, we can provide the pieces to be cut and assembled on site. These are a very popular option for those looking for a weathered wood beam appearance in a gray/silver tone. It’s a much more economical option and it is something you can do yourself. The box beam thickness will depend on sizing and appearance and will typically range from 3/4″ to 1.5″. Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy Thanksgiving!". However, you could do mitered corners, but you would need a table saw. In our current house, we built and installed box beams in our family room. Some of our most popular options are shown below. Hello Nicole! And we promise to never send you spam. We typically seam material together to give it the appearance of stacked timbers when the height is not feasible in a single piece and when the lengths are not available, we recommend steel brackets to wrap the seams in the length to give the appearance of a continuous beam. Would you potentially Pick up your product, or would you like it shipped to you? Our Gray Board box beams are made with out weathered gray planking. How do you cover the seams? Privacy Policy. Again, it all depends on the length of your room and the look you are going for. Once you find your first one, the others should be easy since their normally 16 or 24 inches apart. The biggest difference between an I-Beam level and a box beam level is in their construction. For this reason our hand hewn Douglas Fir box beams are provided unfinished. Thanks for giving such a great how-to guide! I stained my beams before I put them up. Larger dimensions can be achieved by gluing up pieces side by side to yield a taller or wider box beam. They are typically the best option for applications that require the wrapping of exposed structural elements such as glu-lams, steel I-beams, and steel columns. Hand hewn, resawn, and surfaced textures are most common in Redwood box beams. 77 Symbolic Header Span Chart. They are beautiful!! Larger dimensions can be achieved by gluing up pieces side by side to yield a taller or wider box beam. I spread the nails apart about 12 inches. The “Ground” finish we apply to our reclaimed Douglas fir box beams is achieved with a series of sanders to give a more polished and worn appearance than our sanded Douglas fir box beams shown above. Would you mind sharing where you got it? Using the same hand tools as our forefathers, we apply a hand hewn surface on our reclaimed Douglas Fir Box Beams. Chances are you don’t have something like that laying around, so you can use the scrap wood to build a couple of little boxes that are 5.5′ x 4.75″. Find the Ceiling Joists. We reclaim wood  from antiquated structures worldwide that are often over 200 years old. Each of us holding one end of a beam climbed up the ladder and slid the beam onto the 2×6. How to Create a Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall, How to Create a Concrete Look with Venetian Plaster. The first thing I did was decide how many beams I wanted, and this was really determined by the length of the room. Hi there, any tips on how to find board the length you used? Hi Brittany. Also all 1by 6 boards around the center? How Far Can A Deck Beam Span Fine Homebuilding. I need at least 13’ but am having a hard time finding any 1×6 boards longer than 12”. Our skilled crew has perfected the art “disassembling” solid antique timbers and reassembling them into hollow timbers without discernible seams. Use the form below to sign up for our mailing list. Our reclaimed Redwood is some of the finest old-growth material we’ve ever seen. In particular, the area where the tongue beam(s) leave the front cross member. And I repeated this for the 5 remaining beams. Our hope is that we can help and inspire others by sharing our experiences. Maximum Spans. While beams connecting the coupler to the trailer may seem less important, tongues are usually high stress. Sizes can be produced up to 16″ x 16″ x 20′. Box beam sides are typically provided in approx. One thing to consider before installing box beams in your house is your ceiling height. Over garage doors. Installing beams during the building process meant I could mark my ceiling … Because the wax is a soft finish and easily scratched, it is better to apply it after the beams are installed. To determine how long the 2×6’s needed to be, I measured the width of the room, which was 15 feet. Beams can make a ceiling feel lower. Larger dimensions can be achieved by gluing up pieces side by side to yield a taller or wider box beam. Then I flipped over the two pieces that I just nailed together and repeated the gluing and nailing for the third piece. Thanks for thinking of everyone when approaching your projects. We sell a colored wax that is typically applied on interior beams to enhance the color and texture of this material. We love houses. They are barely noticeable. Because this process removes any patina or paint, it reveals raw wood that is typically stained after installation. Depending on the size and length, most box beams in this appearance are produced at 3/4″ thickness. © 2020 Plank and Pillow All Rights Reserved. We placed the ladders underneath the first 2×6 that we nailed up earlier. Sizes can be provided typically up to 18″ x 18″ and up to 40′ long. What color did you stain your beams? Most box beams in this appearance can be made with 3/4″ thick sides. After I decided that it would look best if they were spaced 6 feet apart, I determined that I would need to make 6 beams to fill the area evenly. This part required two people and two ladders. We’ll let you know about all of our new content and what we’re up to.


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