OTHER: Rare Breed Pheasants such as Peacock Pheasants, Reeves Pheasants, Brown eared Pheasant. We have several different varieties of pheasants available for sale. Providing large logs for perching and shrubbery and other large vegetation would be a nice addition to the aviary. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. They are mostly a rich blue-gray color, but with bright red facial patches and distinguishing white tufts (or ear coverts) along the sides of the head. White Crested Kalij. Ornamental pheasants for sale. Red Golden pair. Email: Email Seller. FOR SALE are these BEAUTIFUL BLUE EARED PHEASANT. They are mostly a rich blue-gray color, but with bright red facial patches and distinguishing white tufts (or ear coverts) along the sides of the head. James Kotterman PH: 765-985-2805 They are from the "2019" hatch. £20 . We expect to have the following pheasants for sale in 2020. Tails are made up of 24 feathers, and are rooster-like in style, but airier and more gracefully flowing. Diet: A high-quality commercial game bird diet is fine, but be sure to supplement your birds with other diverse, nutrient-rich extras. For Sale: PHEASANT ENTHUSIASTS: Woodside Aviary near Peru, Indiana: Available, displaying full color: Brown eared, Swinhoe, Lady Amherst, True Silvers, Golden Pheasant, Elliotts, Ghigi Golden, Peach Golden, Temminck’s Tragopans and Blue Eared. Price: N/A. Male Golden Pheasants. Chard, Chard Town. A great effort goes into healthy quality birds. Out of Stock. By four months old, males and females will also develop spurs, which will help in determining the birds' sex. White Peacocks and Peahen, Rhea, Quail (Scaled/ Blue laced/ Cotton top Quail). 1 day ago. Reeves. However, they are most at home on the well wooded slopes of mountain sides. Males will have larger, more rounded spurs, and females will have much smaller and oblong- shaped spurs. View cart for details. Nests are made on the ground, and clutch size is 6-12 eggs. "WE'LL TALK ABOUT THE "BIRDS". There is a lot of information for farming Pheasant and caring for it, which makes it an ideal choice for farming. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Something went wrong. Blue Eared Pheasants are diggers. Designing your pens around larger trees and shrubs would be recommended. The populations farmed are released by individuals, clubs, and government agencies to satisfy the needs of hunters. See our website for pricing. Tops for shade would also be highly suggested as these are forest-dwellers and should not be overexposed to direct sunlight. Aviary: WOODSIDE AVIARY. They are from the "2019" hatch. 2020 bred so not in full colour yet.2 photos are of the actual birds for sale. Incubation takes about 26 days. Although one-year-old Blue Eared Pheasants will start laying eggs, better breeding results will be obtained with two-year-old pairs. Pens should measure at least 20 feet wide by 12 feet long. But they are relatively easy to distinguish as males look a bit more coarse. There is a limited number of waterfowl, pheasants and peafowl available each year for sale. Favourite this Advert. GIVE ME A CALL AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT THE BIRDS. Posted: 9/26/2020. Impyans. For best results, please contact us in early spring to order your birds for fall delivery or pick up. Cinnamon. Tops would be recommended against predators, but in general Blue Eared Pheasants are not great fliers. Fowl, About Purely This advert is located in and around Hoxne, Suffolk. I have a pair of young Yellow Gold Pheasants for sale. They use their strong beaks for digging, and they will ruin smaller plantings in their aviary. This page was last updated: 27-Nov 13:57. Also available are ELLIOTS, SWINHOE, the GOLDEN PHEASANT, GHIGI (YELLOW) GOLDEN,PEACH GOLDEN & LADY AMHERST. BLUE EARED PHEASANT. Breeding and Incubation: It is best to keep Blue Eared Pheasants as pairs as they are monogamous, and pairs form very strong bonds. Status in the Wild: Blue Eared Pheasants are one of China's most common pheasants, and as such, it is listed as being of Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Habitat: These are a high altitude species of pheasant, usually found in coniferous forests up to 11,500 feet in elevation. New Cl A ssifie d £50 ONO For Sale Golden Pheasants. Make sure the enclosure is well drained. Sign up to receive important information on new breeds and availability. $195.00. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Tragopans. Reeves Male. Size: These are large pheasants, with males being over 3 feet in length (38 in), and females usually being slightly smaller. Other Peach Golden. Blue Eared Pheasants are large and chunky birds. These birds are cold hardy, but shelter should be provided against storms and wet weather. Save blue eared pheasant to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. If you would like to add them to your aviary ,feel free to give me a call . Report. Crossoptilon auritum or Blue Eared Pheasant is another wonderful pheasant species from the avian rich forests of China. The top of the head is highlighted by dark blue-black coloring that matches the darker blue-gray of the full tail. Exotic Pheasant Farm. Currently Breeding the Following Pheasants: Great Argus Pheasant Blue Eared Pheasant Cabot Tragopan Cheer Copper Edwards’s Elliot’s Malayan Crested Fireback Siamese Fireback Lady… Legs and feet are scarlet and match the facial patches. They are loud, and males make a very grating series of sounds that can carry over a mile. Males and females are very similar in both plumage and coloration. White Peacocks and Peahen, Rhea, Quail (Scaled/ Blue laced/ Cotton top Quail). Humes Bar-Tailed. Blue Eared Pheasants are winter hardy and able to withstand harsh weather. Poultry. Pheasant and Quail covey packs for sale, call marlin at for more information. At Buckeye Birds we strive to produce only the best exotic birds available. Blue Eared Pheasants are vocal and amiable birds. *Please note not all are available at all times-email us for availablity* Blue Eared. Location: Indiana . In the wild, Blue Eared Pheasants dig up most of their diet, which is mainly made up of leaf shoots, insects, bulbs and tubers, and roots. Although pheasants in general tend to be a bit standoffish, Blue Eared Pheasants are one of the friendliest of species and have been known to approach their caretakers and eat out of their hands. Juveniles are gray as well but mottled with brown colors and attain their adult coloration by four months old. Website: NA. Crossoptilon auritum or Blue Eared Pheasant is another wonderful pheasant species from the avian rich forests of China. Range: The Blue Eared Pheasant is a mountain fowl and is found through out the mountainous forests of inland, central China. They are, in fact, extremely effective diggers, and that must be taken into consideration when planning and designing their enclosure. Blue Eared Pheasant More of a forest dweller than the other eared pheasants, these birds are highly social and can be seen in flocks of 50 to 60, feeding out on the bushy alpine meadows. Males are larger, with thicker legs, and rounder and larger wattles. Elliots. Lifespan: Blue Eared Pheasants can live 12 -15 years and perhaps older. Lady Amherst male. Males can get aggressive and protective of their mates during breeding season, which is generally April to June. Click here to receive an email when available.


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