Start with a template to communicate information in an engaging infographic. If you own a small business or want to create a welcoming, friendly feel, a hand-drawn logo might be the way to go. My brand name is vD. If you can deliver great content that helps people start & grow websites, please contact us. Creating a metaphor can be a great way to express meaning faster. 5 famous brands with minimal logos. “I” = the person. Another trend that cached my eye was handmade – it kind of takes you back to the childhood years when you were modeling plasticine of all colors. We provide you with the guides, tutorials, strategies and in-depth studies you needed to start and grow your blog! Thanks! The negative space logo will continue to attract for sure. Done wrong, they can even drive customers away. Pause is a fantastic example -- it uses an actual paw to represent their name and create something refreshing and unexpected. Target audience: persons who have an interest in blogging & have little or no experience on how to do that. Learn design principles and best practices with our Make Information Beautiful video series. It also reflects your personality and goals. For example. Certaines recherches sont vraiment incroyables. Ambigrams, for those who don’t know, are words that can be read the same from two or more different directions. It is so easy to create the ideal logo for your business now, I have used a free logo creator called withoomph recently which really helped me take control of the logo design and helped me narrow down the ideal logo to represent my business the way envisioned. Of course, you should never copy it, but you can try and understand their logo concept. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Black might be considered sophisticated, but it also has negative connotations, being associated with death and evil. To add the logo to your WordPress blog, go to Appearance -> Customize ->Header Image. It’s not a color that generates the same level of arousal like the previous ones, being associated more with calmness. I will explain the symbol of the IStartBlogging logo: The blog logo concept: a blog is mostly about a person. The GIF includes a simple rain animation that creates the image of a wine bottle, which is not only creative but subconsciously appeals to the viewer's thirst. Helena Krüger’s blog merges the worlds of fashion and art to produce the whimsical illustrations that grace her website. illustrates this concept well: Their logo is fairly small and simple, but it’s useful in a variety of contexts. Sometimes, you don’t really need an image; the name itself can be enough. Another option to consider is the use of symbols that resemble action, such as arrows and lines. Using a font that represents your brand, while still being professional, is crucial. You are going to like this very much because I’ve put together a complete guide with examples. Now it’s time for some logo design inspiration. RELATED: 15 Surefire Ways to Know If Your Logo Is a Keeper. has a rather entertaining example -- it illustrates a “lobotomy” being performed on one of the word’s letters. Proudly made in Maryland. While very basic, it’s incredibly effective, perhaps because of its simple creativity. Creating a series of animated logos which can be used in different contexts can be another great alternative to standard logos. When a client’s corporate brand and personal name are one and the same, you’re not just designing a logo for the company. Creating a metaphor can be a great way to express meaning faster. Besides implementing an image within an image. Words have specific connotations, or associations we give them beyond their specific meaning. The clothing line incorporates a duck’s image into a clothes hanger, both representing what they sell (clothing) and their name (a literal iron duck). Besides implementing an image within an image, Business Women Association, for example, uses a very hard-edged style, purely in black-and-white. Including these on a website makes the logo more memorable, and can make things more entertaining for viewers. We helped people launch more than 2300 blogs.”. Orange is also considered as a color that generates arousal, while green, for example, makes you think of nature and calm. The famous Nike swoosh is an example of how a logo can play a significant role in establishing a company’s reputation and turning it into a reliable, reputable brand. Wine Forest does this in a way that works very well, repeating the basic shape and formation of the “wine bottles” in the trees, while also varying size so the logo is more interesting to view.


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