What would you recommend to replace them? What's Hot. Best tuners/machine heads for Telecaster. They have a gear ratio of 16:1, which doesn’t allow for the same precision as some other manufacturers. Are locking tuners worth getting? Gotoh MLB3-Gs are a great choice for Gibson Les Pauls. Hi, The tuners on my MIJ Tele are a little tired and would benefit from replacement. The tuners on my MIJ Tele are a little tired and would benefit from replacement. If you have a classical or nylon-stringed guitar, any of our standard tuning machine heads will serve your purposes. The benefits of a locking machine head include super-fast restringing, elimination of slack and excess strings, no slips and precise tuning adjustment. Perfect for all types of Fender models with inline headstocks. I don't think you can beat the Fender/Kluson Safe-T-Post type, but the choice is yours. Extremely well manufactured for the best possible performance, the Schaller M6 135 locking tuners are some of the best on the market. Locking tuners help keep tuning more stable, meaning that your guitar will fall out of tune less and be able to withstand more aggressive techniques for longer. The following are some of the best locking tuners compatible with Gibson style guitars. They are very easy to install in standard Fender headstocks and are reliably built, performing at their best after years of heavy use. Are they vintage Kluson style or modern die cast types? Gibson and Epiphone guitars require 3 & 3 style machine heads due to the way the headstocks are designed. The D’Addario Auto Trim locking tuners are innovative and very quick to use. Perfect for modification or repair projects. We have machine heads in stock from Schaller, Fender, Sperzel and Tone Pros. With normal tuners you need to wind the string around the peg numerous times. Best Locking Tuners for Fender Stratocasters & Telecasters. While there are a lot of different manufacturers making inline locking machine heads which will fit a Fender, we prefer Fender’s own locking tuners. In this guide we’re going to look at the best locking tuners for a variety of different kind of guitars, from Fender style head-stocks to Gibson and PRS, so that no matter what kind of model you use, you can find the best locking tuners for your guitar. Filed UnderBuyers Guides Guitar Accessories. A good choice for professional guitarists who need the best possible performance night after night. On the other hand, our bolt on tuning machine heads work best for acoustic and electric guitars. Ok, so I need Fender/Kluson Safe-T-Post Vintage tuners - are those the ones Matt recommended? robinbowes Frets: 2311 . Hipshot locking tuners are basic but dependable. From edge of tuner #1 to same edge of tuner #6 is 4 13/16", So, divide that by 5 to get the spacing. It looks like you're new here. Not only do they look similar to the classic tuning heads used on vintage models, but their gold colour is perfect for Les Paul Customs that usually come with all gold plated hardware. They look good, with a solid black finish and open gear design which looks classy and understated. Fitting modern replacements will probably involve drilling the post holes too for different bushes, so not a straightforward job unfortunately. I wouldn't bother with locking tuners myself. It also makes the process of changing strings far faster, which is a big bonus to performing guitarists. The name may not be quite as recognizable as Grover, Fender etc. Just crap. This product is marketed as a 6-in-line locking tuner and as hassle-free hardware to improve tonal response. Well designed, well built and dependable, the Hipshot is a solid choice at a very reasonable price. They use an 18:1 gear ratio is very precise tuning and are very well lubricated, making it noticeably easier to quickly and accurately retune and restring the guitar. CHECK PRICE GUITAR CENTER Best Locking Tuners for Fender Stratocasters & Telecasters Most Fender guitars will use similar sized tuners, which means that you won’t need to re-size the holes to install new tuner heads. You reckon they're not original? With 18:1 gear ratios, they allow for very precise fine tuning and are fairly easy to install. Yeah, they're not great and there is no direct replacement. Part number is, http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/60602/. but these are professional-grade machine heads from a company that often supplies tuners to brand-name guitar manufacturers. Sweetwater carries a wide selection of tuning machine heads for you to choose from. So maybe its a comfort thing? They are reliably built to last, providing years of use before the gears and locking nuts can be expected to lose their thread. Order now for rapid delivery. hit me up if you've got some for sale. Locking Sperzel tuners are great, got them on several guitars! Unlike other locking tuners, they automatically cut off the excess string as you tune up your guitar. http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/61710/. VANSON Tuners/Machine Heads V07SP Right Handed Black LOCKING (Set of 6) for Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jackson, Ibanez, BC Rich, Schecter (Right Handed, Black) 4.9 out of 5 stars 22 £33.90 £ 33 . I always go for Tonepros Klusons if vintage type. A cool design in theory that can be a little fiddly in practise, the D’Addario Auto Trim lockers are nonetheless well made and solid machine heads. Like Gibson, PRS SE guitars have 3 and 3 headstocks, meaning that they need tuning heads built for this configuration. Any tuners are better than the ones currently fitted! Aside from that, they look great, with a brushed gold finish that will suit Les Paul Custom models and we found them to have good stability. And here's me thinking it would be a fairly straight-forward job... Vintage style will probably involve the least amount of work as the holes are going to be closer in size. Unlike Fender guitars and other manufacturers that have “inline” tuning heads so that all 6 are in a row along the top or bottom of the headstock, Gibson have shorter headstocks with 3 tuning heads along the top and bottom. Are locking tuners worth getting? Due to the design, it makes restringing a guitar a longer process than with simpler locking tuners, and you need to really make sure the strings are tightly locked down before tuning upto full tension.


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