The saying is true, "You get what you pay for!" We used Lexington Law in the past and they have a pretty nice portal so I'm giving this company 4 stars, they need to update their online portal, I don't like it, but other than that Ovation Credit, Lendingtree did what they said they would...Help us get a house with a low interest rate! The case adviser was competent and professional. This type of credit is for specific purposes and allows consumers to purchase a single item or a few commodities. They really get things removed off your credit and help you get started to rebuild it by recommending things for you to do. Thank you so much for all you've done for us! I had some unknown reports and also had a stolen identity issue and they work wonders. She always made sure to keep the ball rolling on my disputes so that no time was wasted. I certainly recommend Ovation Credit Services. Explore the different types of credit available, the real costs of borrowing and making smart borrowing decisions. In it you will learn: By the time you finish this section, you will know more about the different credit choices that are available to you and be better able to make smart borrowing decisions. Whenever something happens whether she s making an inquiry or the credit companies update her she lets me know. After having some issues that I considered to be very serious, Ovation Credit Services reached out to me and stepped up and not only fix the issues, but offered their services at a discounted rate for the future if I needed them. They work for some and not for others. Individual results may vary. I in December of 2019 I was able to get a loan for new 2019 Camry. I have seen my score jump up each month consistently. I would definitely recommend this agency! I have literally may not even two payments and my credit score has went from A little over 400 to 600 already and that is at the lowest plan they have available I was now able to be approved for a capital one card for $500 with a great interest rate they give you your own credit advisor always call you back if you need them and you can’t reach anyone at the time without this company and having a new baby on the way I would not have been able to finally start getting my credit back to where it used to be shot outs to ben, Paul And Cheryl my credit counselor. I wouldn't have been able to do it myself, so we're very pleased. Policies and Terms last updated on 02/01/2018. I am very happy with everything that has been done. But my husband and I canceled a month or so ago, and they instantly got us all squared away, and were not charged another penny. Ovation was so easy to work with and the monthly payments which were quite reasonable, were well worth it. This by far has been one of the best experiences. Awesome sauce! Thanks to Ms. Lou Ann Willams , my Ovation experience has been a joyously memorable one. And if they want to know why tell them to call me! How do you know what is the best type of credit to use? My wife and I started in 2016 and purchased our second house this year. When my time is right I will definitely use their services. The types of credit that can be used to develop a nontraditional credit history are those that require the borrower to make periodic payments on a regular basis with intervals that are no longer than every three months. Paul Moore was absolutely AMAZING! From: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. So come on you'll, give this company a try. I now have 3 credit cards, and will be purchasing a house this year!!! Friendly and helpful customer service. My credit score jumped almost a 100 points and I only had the service for two month! My credit score jumped! I got a email from Lending Tree saying that I am pre-approved for a loan. I couldn't have done this so thoroughly on my own, it would have been very time consuming for me. Thanks again. Her name is Annette Stephens and she is the best. They follow up regularly to give me updates. I had alot of medical bills and student loans. :)Kevin Winkler is my case manager. Only been with Ovation a couple of months and the results are great. Almost up 100+ points and still going up. Patient man is all I can say ! Thank you Ovation Credit Services I will recommend your services to other people. Thank you Ms. Lou Ann, Thank You Ovation. Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM Every time I hang up the phone I feel like I just spoke with an old friend. I had one collections account reported to all three credit bureaus and I honestly didn't want to wait seven years for the collections account to fall off. My case advisor Monica Tinsley was efficient, knowledgeable, and quick to answer when I sent her emails. I have been working with Mr. Paul Moore via Ovation and he has been very helpful and keeps me abreast of whats going on. Christina is one of the best representative for a company than I have ever dealt with. We did our research and found Ovation best suited our needs. 8 Tips for Preparing for Baby on a Budget, Car Loan Delinquency Hits an All-Time High: Here’s Help, 9 Facts You Need to Know About Bridge Loans. 4.2 Types of credit. Utilities, such as electric, water, garbage and sewer, are called service credit. These credits include credit cards, loans, service credit, installment credit and revolving credit. From: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. If you have credit issues, do yourself a favor and call Ovation! There are no words to express the gratitude we owe to Susan and to her amazing resources within Ovation Credit. highly recommend. As well as the top of the line customer service. While, Ovation credit, did nothing for my credit personally, they helped my husband's immensely. I am very happy with the progress Ovation is making on my credit score so far. Ovation credit services a Lending Tree company has been such a blessing to me. I would personally like to thank and send big shouts out to Ovation Credit Services which is a Lending tree Company and two of its finest representatives Mr. Michael Hodgkin and Mr.Jeremy Ortiz for their hard work, persistence and undeniable thorough efforts in serving their company and their clients such as myself with credit repair. This company is great! I'm very satisfied. Thank you all so much!!! She helped us navigate through a number of old debts thereby increasing our FICO score from low 400s to over 680 in under 3 months! thank you so much for your help. Dale makes you feel like you are his only client which in today's world is very rare. Only 3 months in and they have had more than 15 negative reports removed from my Credit Report.


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