Significantly higher COD removal values were observed at 1.6 and 1.9 g L −1 in the first cycle of MEC 2 and 3. USEPA is conducting livestock and The methane yields obtained in the present study were between 217 mLCH 4 /g COD and 314 mLCH 4 /g COD, which was corresponded to 62–90% of the theoretical value (350 mL CH 4 /g COD). COD (Chemical oxygen demand) Chemical oxidant used to completely oxidize substrate Color indicator used to determine oxidant consumed Represents organic carbon in substrate Stoichiometrically related to methane potential CH 4 +2O 2 CO 2 +2H 2 O Therefore 1 g COD = 0.35 L methane @ STP COD represents the theoretical maximum methane Methane to Markets Support for Livestock and Agro-Industrial Wastes . Roughly 56% of the influent COD and 84% of the COD removed in the ASBRs was converted to methane. the cumulative methane volume by the theoretical cumulative methane volume, which is obtained from the chemical ratio of 1 g COD = 0.35 mL CH4 at standard temperature and pressure conditions (STP) [11]. In all treatments, a rapid increase in methane yield from 60 to 140 mL CH 4 g −1 COD in was observed between days 2 to 5 ().This rapid increase in methane yields indicated that Pseudanabaena biomass was highly digestible, regardless of the carbohydrate and protein content. In the second cycle, the accumulated COD values found in MEC 2 and 3 were enhanced by 1.0 and 0.5 g L −1 from the first cycle, respectively, while a slight drop was detected in the third cycle. Biogas methane content varied from 61 to 74%, with 0.29 L CH4 produced/g COD removed. THE METHANE TO MARKETS PARTNERSHIP (M2M) The Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M) is an initiative to reduce global methane emissions in four main sectors: agriculture, landfills, oil and gas and coal mines. Methane yield was evaluated in batch AD assays for 29 days. - - 1 g COD reduction = 395 mL CH 4 mgCOD mLCH mgCOD mLCH 70% 221.5 ... –Average methane production over predicted by 1.2%; In the comparison between BMPs and anaerobic digesters biogas and methane production, we saw and over prediction in biogas and\ഠmethane production. Microbial yield (Y) and decay (b) constants were determined to be Y = 0.126 g VSS/g COD removed and b = 0.032 day(-1… [12] was published, BMP test have been used Since the popular methodology of Owen et al. 1.


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